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GPS Tracker Gets 4 Stars For Performance

With so many personal, fleet and real-time GPS monitoring devices available for purchase at online stores, consumers are left with the challenge to discover which personal GPS trackers are winners and losers. This can sometimes be difficult because their are so many tracking devices on the market and so few credible review sites dedicated to evaluation of technology products. However, one technology review site that is popular among both GPS dealers and consumers is an online resource called GPS Tracking Review, and the testing team at GPS Tracking Review recently have their analysis on the efficiency of the S911 Lola System.

S911 Lola is a personal GPS tracker that is primarily utilized for applications related to personal safety such as child and senior monitoring, making it ideal for families with special needs kids or senior citizens with dementia. However, unlike other personal GPS tracking devices on the market, the S911 Lola also comes with an online interface and features that make it capable of providing detailed reports related to driving activity. Therefore, the S911 Lola system can be used for both vehicle tracking and personal safety!

The S911 Lola Review

The testing team at GPS Tracking Review had a number of positive comments about the S911 Lola System that mentioned everything from the unique size of the tracker to the product packaging. All of the alerting features (panic button, email and text) were tested and performed as advertised on GPS Tracker Shop, and the accuracy of the GPS data was spot on. The most glowing portion of the review came in the conclusion when GPS Tracking Review stated that the S911 Lola was one of the best personal monitoring devices on the market because of the size and accuracy of the tracker.

About GPS Tracking Review

GPS Tracking Review is an online resource dedicated to providing in-depth analysis on various top selling and popular GPS trackers. The online evaluators test tracking systems under a number of different conditions looking at battery-life, GPS accuracy, simplicity of use, alerting feature reliability and other factors to determine product efficiency. GPS Tracking Review rates trackers on a scale from one star (the lowest possible rating) to five stars (the highest possible rating. They also conclude each review with a summary about what they liked about the GPS tracker and some possible shortcomings or improvements that could be made to the tracker. GPS Tracking Review has tested and reviewed some of the most popular GPS systems on the market such as the Spot GPS, Senior GPS Bracelet, TrackStick and Tracking Key. For the complete and comprehensive evaluation of the S911 Lola personal GPS tracker please visit GPS Tracking Review. The online resource for GPS product reviews has a deeper breakdown of the features and ratings of the GPS tracker.

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