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Protecting Motorcycles With GPS Tracking Devices

Nothing feels more exhilarating and relaxing than riding a motorcycle on the open road. Feeling the fresh air as you hit the highway, pulling off wherever you want to relax and of course, having the ability to weave in and out of congested traffic are just a few of the reasons why men and women opt to choose a bike over a Prius. Being a motorcycle rider makes you part of a community, and that community respects those who ride. Unfortunately, motorcycles are often the target of thieves because bikes can easily be stolen, hidden, and scrapped for parts. Many criminals understand that motorcycles have a ton of value on the black market, but now those thieves are being stopped in their tracks thanks to portable tracking devices that can instantly locate a missing motorcycle.

What Is The Best GPS For Motorcycle?

Choose The Best Motorcycle Tracker

Motorcycle-specific GPS devices can provide turn-by-turn directions, location tracking and so much more whether they are hidden on a motorcycle or in direct sunlight. However, if you are looking to choose the best motorcycle GPS device then look no further than SpaceHawk.

Best GPS Tracker For Car
SpaceHawk Motorcycle GPS Unit

  • Real Time Traffic Updates
  • GPS Mounts Anywhere With Surface Magnet 
  • Waterproof Rugged Design 
  • Maps Updates As Quickly As Every 3 Seconds
  • Harsh Weather Proof
  • Rated “Best GPS For Motorcycles” By GPS Tracking Review

Top Selling Motorcycle GPS Devices

Motorcycle GPS units come in a lot of different styles and offer a wide array of GPS features such as a rugged design for harsh weather conditions. Although it is best to do your own research before purchasing any motorcycle-specific GPS units, below are some of the top-selling GPS systems for riders:

  1. Garmin Zumo 595LM
  2. Spark Nano 7 From Brickhouse Security 
  3. Garmin Montana
  4. Garmin Zumo 395LM

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Theft

So how bad is motorcycle theft in the United States? Well, the easiest way to find out is by checking the numbers and that data, which is provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), shows approximately 50,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2013. Motorcycle theft peaked in the Summer months of July, August, and September, which also happens to be the time most motorcycle riders hit the road. However, the most alarming statistic is that when a car gets stolen the police typically have a 60% success rate of recovering that stolen vehicle, but when a motorcycle gets stolen the recovery rate is only 30%! Not to mention, many of the motorcycles that are recovered are often damaged or have had parts stolen from them. Here are a couple of other interesting facts when it comes to motorcycle theft:

  • California is where most motorcycle theft occurs
  • Motorcycle theft increases in the Summer months
  • Hondas are the motorcycle make most often stolen

GPS tracker

GPS Tracking Motorcycles

Hard-wiring a GPS device to a vehicle is easy, but a hard-wired connection to a motorcycle is often not an option. With that said, there is still one easy and effective way to track a motorcycle and that’s with a portable real-time GPS tracking device that can be hidden on the motorcycle. Once connected to the motorcycle, a GPS tracker will monitor the bike every second and can even be triggered to alert a motorcycle owner the very second their bike is moved. Therefore, the motorcycle owner will know the moment his bike has been jacked. He can then track the movement of the stolen bike using his smartphone, making it easy to relay the information to police and eventually a safe recovery of the motorcycle.

The cost for a live GPS tracking device runs around $99 and does not include the monthly service obligation for data which is usually an additional $24.95 a month.

Other Tips For Protecting A Motorcycle

  • Park bike in a well-lit area
  • Equip tracker on a motorcycle
  • Don’t let unknown riders ride your bike
  • Lock up the bike to a stationary object or at all possible
  • Lock the ignition of the motorcycle

Protecting a motorcycle can be done easily with the help of a portable real-time GPS tracking device but those who ride bikes should also get follow the above tips and also invest in quality automotive insurance for their motorcycles.

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