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Murrieta Bans Red Light Cameras

City To Cease Use Of Red Light Cameras

Murrieta voters had many tough decisions to make during yesterday’s election, and one of those focused on the use of camera systems designed to bust motorists running red lights. Measure N was drafted to end the current use of camera systems at street corners throughout the city and prohibit any future use of surveillance equipment to ticket drivers. The measure received overwhelming approval from voters who felt that the camera systems simply needed to go.

One of the reasons why the approval of Measure N was somewhat shocking was due to the discrepancy in monetary backing between opponents and supporters. Opponents of Measure N received over $100,000 in financial donations from surveillance companies and other parties determined to keep the revenue generating devices in operation, while supporters of the measure were only able to gather a little over $1,000. Supporters used a successful grass roots campaign to bring the measure to the public’s attention, posting hand made signs and talking with voters. However, the huge difference in financial backing did little to persuade Murrieta voters that the red light cameras were a good idea.The main opponents of Measure N were the Murrieta Police Department and city council, both of which stated that the cameras were a useful tool in reducing automobile accidents at street corners. However, the statistical data actually showed that the red light camera systems may have contributed or caused many accidents. This is because many motorists knowing that the red light cameras were in place would slam on their brakes when they saw a yellow light to avoid being caught in the intersection. Many of the street lights equipped with camera systems were also programmed to more swiftly transition from yellow to red. “The residents of Murrieta understood that the red light cameras were not being utilized to prevent accidents but rather to increase revenue for a city constantly seeking to take more from the public and the end result was the removal of red light cameras”, explained a representative for GPS Tracker Shop, a company located near Murrieta. “The people voiced their opinion and their voices were heard so that is a good thing for the political system.” Do you agree that the use of red light camera devices in Murrieta was to increase revenue for the city?

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