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New Tumblr Blog Is Now Live

GPS Tracker Shop Launches Tumblr

Human beings are naturally expressive and vocal. We have a desire to create, develop and share ideas and do so through many different avenues. In today’s digital era of blogs and social media, expression now comes from tweets, Facebook posts, items pinned on Pinterest and personalized mini blogs. However, these avenues of communication are not solely utilized by the individual anymore. They are also now called upon by businesses to more efficiently connect with potential and new customers. GPS Tracker Shop has always focused on  the customer, and that is why the GPS tracking company has used various methods of social media and traditional methods of marketing to keep the customer in the know. In an ongoing effort to keep our audience up to date with everything happening with product development and more, GPS Tracker Shop has launched a new mini blog on Tumblr!

What Is Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the latest and most popular platforms designed for blogging that allows its users to quickly upload videos, photos, quotes, links and personal posts for online readers and followers to enjoy. The blogging platform is a mix between more commonly used social networking services such as Facebook, but also combines an element of traditional blogging.

What GPS Tracker Shop Tumblr Provides

GPS Tracker Shop will always be the online authority on vehicle monitoring and GPS tracking technology, but the GPS monitoring company also frequently blogs and provides commentary on other topics. Topic categories discussed on the GPS tracking website include politics, technology, and sports. However, the GPS tracking website also has categories dedicated to applications related to the monitoring technology such as teen driving, fleet tracking and vehicle tracking. These categories provide resource material to help parents understand the importance of teen driving safety, and give businesses the cold hard facts about how poor routing or fuel efficiency can have a substantial impact on profit. GPS Tracker Shop invites everyone to follow the new company Tumblr blog, as well as the corporate Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages/accounts. And as always, those with questions regarding GPS tracking devices or service applications can reach a GPS Tracker Shop representative any day of the week for one-on-one support.

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