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OBD GPS Trackers Business: What You Need To Know!

One of the surveillance tools currently being employed by a number of businesses all over the globe is real time GPS trackers. How these real-time GPS tracker devices provide assistance to businesses through a process of increased personnel, asset, and fleet management. Basically, GPS trackers can bestow information about every position a driver stopped, if an automobile was idling excessively, the total mileage that was driven, and an assortment of other data associated with the use of the equipment and mobile assets. Real-time GPS trackers have transformed the way companies engage in automotive and asset oversight, but new GPS vehicle trackers that connect directly to the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system of a car or truck are giving fleet managers even more data to enhance performance. So let’s take a moment to learn more about GPS OBDii vehicle trackers and find out what device is the best for 2023!

Best Car OBD2 GPS Tracker [Updated 2023]

OBD2 TrackerConnect OBD Tracker Features

  • Start Tracking Employees Or Anyone Secretly 
  • Simply Plug & Play Via GPS OBDii
  • 4G Real Time GPS Tracking Anywhere In The USA
  • Checks Engine & Diagnostics For Maintenance 
  • User-Friendly GPS Tracking Software
  • No Monthly Subscription For One Year

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On Board Diagnostic GPS Tracker For Car

How does OBD GPS tracker work?

GPS vehicle tracking devices can be advantageous in helping a company reduce inefficiencies. However, when it comes to the ultimate in-vehicle monitoring technology there is no better tool than a real-time GPS tracker that hooks up directly to the OBD2 port of a target automobile. The reason for this is that when a GPS tracking device is connected to the OBD port of an automobile it can accurately gather a great deal of information that a portable tracker would not have the capability of recording. This OBD2 GPS tracking data includes:

  • Vehicle Idling Info
  • Live Location Updates
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Mileage Driven
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Unsafe Speed Alerts
  • Hard Braking

There are a number of different styles of real-time GPS tracking solutions on the market but the reason why more limo companies, airport shuttle businesses and any enterprises with automotive assets are choosing to invest in devices that can connect to the diagnostic port of a vehicle is simplicity. When connected to the OBD2 port of the target automobile, users never have to worry about battery life, can access GPS tracking data from any system that has an Internet connection, and do not have to pay the costs associated with long-term installation. Once a user finds the OBDII port on the vehicle they want to track and connect the vehicle locator they can instantly monitor their vehicle anytime regardless if the vehicle leaves the city or state.

Hidden GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking For Commercial Vehicles

Commercial trucking is a type of business where efficiency is a must. Drivers have to be reliable, safe and travel quickly due to the nature of deadlines that are common in the transportation industry. With the movement of goods being so critical to the stability of any business that ships cargo from one location to another via land transport, having a system in place that provides both vehicle security and driver oversight is of top priority. This is the reason why almost every business involved with shipping cargo or that uses heavy machinery calls upon GPS tracking devices to provide real-time fleet management information.

GPS Tracker For Car OBD

When it comes to GPS tracking commercial vehicles the most called upon solution is a real-time GPS tracker that connects to the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD II) of that vehicle. The reason is that this type of GPS vehicle tracking device can be plugged in without the need for a professional installation team, the GPS tracker will pull power from the vehicle battery and the tracking device will provide data related to diagnostics such as vehicle idling, speed-driven, and more. Commercial vehicles are expensive pieces of equipment and therefore it is vital to have real-time data about both automotive performances as well as driver activity that could potentially impact that performance. This is because things like excessive vehicle idling can lead to wear & tear and increased fuel consumption. Not to mention, driving habits such as harsh braking, unnecessary vehicle acceleration and simply driving at high rates of speed can produce the additional potential for mechanical issues down the road as well as other liabilities. Hence, making an investment in GPS car tracker devices that connect to the diagnostic port of a vehicle is such a valuable tool for those seeking to monitor commercial equipment.

The best part about OBD2 tracking devices for commercial vehicles is that the live data can be viewed from a free car tracker app that can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The OBD car tracker app can give commercial trucking managers both historical access to driving activity as well as real time updates on movement.

9 Pin Connector GPS Tracker

The OBD2 port on commercial vehicles is substantially different than those on standard automobiles. This is because commercial vehicles have much more advanced diagnostic ports than standard automobiles. Therefore, a specially designed OBD II port tracker with 6 or 9 connection pins (depending on the commercial vehicle) is required. One GPS device that offers either a 6 or 9-pin connector is the Plug & Play GPS and its detailed driving reports, real-time data and special pin connection make it a must for any commercial trucking business looking to boost vehicle management.

OBD2 GPS Tracking Device

Best OBD2 GPS Tracking Device For Cars

Having complete access to vehicle driving activity along with automotive diagnostics is critical among businesses operating heavy machinery and other heavy equipment, and that is the reason why GPS devices such as the Plug & Play GPS are such valuable solutions. Whether the application is theft prevention, asset management, safe driving monitoring, or simple vehicle maintenance documentation, GPS trackers with 6 or 9-pin connection options to the diagnostic port of a vehicle are an easy way to achieve a higher form of vehicle management. All of this data can instantly be accessed through the use of an OBD car tracker app for iPhone, Android, or any mobile device with an Internet connection.

Plug & Play OBD2 GPS Tracker Features

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • 9 Pin OBD Port Connection
  • 6 Pin OBD Port Connection
  • Diagnostic Data
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Speed Alerts

The buzz surrounding the Sync Tracker had been building for months. For over two years, companies have been in contact with GPS Tracker Shop and demanding a cost-effective fleet tracker that could be easily connected to the onboard diagnostic systems computer of any automobile. Businesses required a monitoring solution that had all of the cool features of the Spacehawk 54 GPS tracker, but additional features related to the specific activity of vehicle operation, including idle time, aggressive RPM activity, and fuel consumption. After thoroughly testing various GPS trackers that could plug into the OBD port of an automobile, GPS Tracker Shop engineers finally found a tracking device that exceeded the stringent guideline the company has for product inclusion. The Sync Tracker has been discussed in previous blog posts, but now the fleet tracker is finally available for purchase via the GPS Tracker Shop online company store!

OBD GPS Tracking Device

Vehicle Monitoring For Connected Cars

Unlike the product line of GPS data loggers designed to meet the needs of consumer-based uses such as teenage driver observation, OBD2 car tracking devices were built more for commercial applications. Connecting right to the on-board diagnostics computer port of an automobile the Plug & Play GPS  provides much more detailed information than standard real-time GPS trackers. OBD2 car tracking devices allow companies to eliminate excessive fuel consumption, improve routing times, and increase employee performance and safety. However, before any business invests in a GPS fleet management system or OBD car tracker app there are some questions they should be ready to ask. Here are the top  GPS tracking questions for business systems!

Top 7 GPS Tracking Questions For Businesses

1. Do OBD2 GPS Trackers Have Fees?

GPS data loggers do not transmit any data therefore they do not have any monthly service fees. However, real-time OBD car tracking devices use cellular technology and actually are equipped with a SIM card, making every live GPS tracker require a data plan and hence monthly service obligation.

2. What Type Of Warranty Does An OBD2 GPS Tracker Come With?

Every GPS tracker, regardless if the device is active or passive, should come with a one-year warranty on the hardware. Therefore, if an OBD2 GPS tracking device is for some reason found to be defective it can be replaced without question. However, this warranty is often not extended to purchases made on Amazon or eBay. Hence, the reason to purchase from a reputable online GPS retailer.

3. Was The GPS Tracking Device Manufactured In The USA?

All products offered at the GPS Tracker Shop online store were manufactured here in the United States. This is actually quite rare because the majority of devices are created in China and perform below standards because of this.

4. Do OBD Tracking Devices Come With Free Technical Support?

All OBD2 tracking devices should be backed with free technical support for the life of the product. This is one of the benefits of purchasing directly from an online store instead of an online auction site.

5. Can The GPS Tracker Device Be Hidden?

Hidden GPS tracking devices are all created differently. GPS trackers that can connect right to the OBDII port of a target automobile are very difficult to see and therefore are considered very covert in nature.

6. Does OBD2 Car GPS Trackers Require Additional Accessories?

OBD2 vehicle tracking devices fit securely into the onboard diagnostic port of an automobile and therefore do not require any additional accessories. However, commercial trucks might require a heavy-duty 9-pin harness option.

7. Is This The Best GPS Tracker Available For My Application?

Businesses seeking a fleet management solution should certainly research the different OBD2 tracking devices available as they tend to be the preferred option for commercial trucking industry applications. However, any business with a more unique application should talk with a GPS salesperson, ask them what they are hoping to accomplish with a GPS tracker, and hopefully be pointed to the appropriate solution!

OBD Fleet Management

There are always things businesses should do before investing in any electronic security product. This process will sometimes begin with people asking associates within the industry or reviewing websites and other online publications dedicated to actual customer stories and professional feedback. Although Google Review, Yelp, and a number of other popular websites can provide businesses with information related to the company they are purchasing from, finding reviews on OBD2 GPS tracking products can be difficult. The process can be even more challenging when the business is seeking valuable information related to GPS vehicle tracking devices. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of low-quality GPS tracking devices that are sold online. However, much of that risk can be mitigated by following the above top 7 questions, and investing in OBD fleet management solutions offered by reputable e-commerce retailers.