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Online GPS Tracking – The Power of Real-Time Location Monitoring For Businesses

Is your business looking for GPS tracking software to get access to location history and real-time tracking data on company vehicles over a web browser? If so, this article will discuss the best GPS locators on the market, the benefits of GPS software, and how GPS fleet tracking can help you manage company vehicles. Now, let’s go over some of the basics of 

So what is online GPS tracking and how can GPS devices help your business? Online GPS tracking is the process of tracking vehicles, employees, assets, or people. Online GPS tracking systems use GPS technology, combined with an internet connection, to track the real-time location of your vehicles or employees. The location data is transmitted via SIM card from the geo tracker to the GPS server where you can view it on a website or mobile app. This allows you to know everywhere your assets are and where they have been. Pretty cool right?

Best Online GPS Tracker For 2023

SpaceHawk GPS Vehicle Tracking Device 

GPS Tracker For Car


  • Get The Real-Time Location Of Your Vehicles 24/7
  • Know When Drivers Are Speeding 
  • Find Out The Truth 

SpaceHawk is a mini GPS location tracker that will allow you to view all your company vehicles over a single online tracking platform. This makes it easy to know where all your employees are located 24/7. Simply, place this vehicle tracking device on any asset and use the location app to find out the truth. Never worry about employees speeding, using company vehicles without authorization, or being a potential liability for your business. Let the facts do the talking, and learn what is really going on with this award-winning vehicle tracking solution! 

Features include live tracking as fast as every 3 seconds, 3-week battery life, strong magnet mount, speed alerts, geofence alerts, and intuitive tracking apps for Android and iPhone. 

What Is Online GPS Tracking Software?

Online GPS software is a tool that helps businesses track the location of business vehicles in real-time via GPS tracking apps. Some of the different GPS tracking software options available are Google Maps, Glympse, SilverCloud, Life360, Waze, and OpenGTS. These GPS tracker apps offer navigation, tracking, or both. Here are some examples of popular tracking apps for Android and iOS along with their features:

  • Google Maps: Easily the most popular mobile app for GPS navigation, Google Maps provides detailed maps and directions to help you get from point A to point B via the shortest route possible. The GPS navigation app even offers real time traffic information so you can avoid any bottlenecks or accidents.
  • SilverCloud: The GPS tracker app for all LandAirSea GPS tracking devices, this GPS tracker app allows you access to your personal tracking account so you can see everywhere your business vehicles have been.
  • Glympse: A real-time GPS tracking app that allows you to share your location with friends and family. Glympse is one of the top geo-location tracking platforms with approximately 115,000 reviews on the Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars as of January 18th, 2023.
  • Life360: This family locator and realtime GPS app will allow you to track the location of family members and even receive alerts when they arrive at or leave certain locations. Life360 caters to those in need of a personal tracking solution such as those with senior loved ones and special needs children.
  • OpenGTS: OpenGTS is a free, open-source GPS tracking software that allows you to track the location of your vehicles in real-time. Features include real-time mapping, reports, alerts, and geofencing.
  • Waze: Similar to Google Maps, Waze offers both GPS navigation and real-time traffic updates, but with one simple twist: community reporting. This is a very cool feature where community members can let you know if police are in a certain area to bust drivers for speeding. 

There are many more navigation and tracking apps you can discover on the Google Play Store or Apple Store so please feel free to explore what else is available for your personal business needs. We recommend you check out the online ratings and reviews before downloading any tracker app that requires a monthly subscription for GPS vehicle tracking

5 Benefits Of Online GPS Tracking Businesses Need To Know!

  1. Driver Safety: Using your tracking account, you can see how fast your employees are driving and if they are operating company vehicles according to standard operating procedures. 
  2. Employee Accountability: GPS tracking can provide a detailed record of an employee’s or vehicle’s location, which can be used to verify compliance with company policies and improve accountability.
  3. Cut Fuel Costs: GPS devices can help businesses save money by reducing fuel consumption and identifying inefficiencies in their operations.
  4. Asset Protection: GPS tracking can help businesses protect their assets by allowing them to monitor the whereabouts of vehicles and equipment and quickly respond to any security breaches.
  5. Improve Customer Service: Using GPS tracker apps, you can provide a more accurate and timely service to your customers by allowing them to monitor the location and status of your vehicles. In fact, food truck businesses use GPS tracking apps to share the location of their mobile restaurants so customers always know where to find them! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will GPS Cell Phone Tracking Work For My Business?

If you just started researching the best tracking applications for your business you probably started with phone tracking apps. But is a phone tracker app better than a GPS vehicle tracker? The answer is no. 

GPS phone tracker apps have many shortcomings that normal GPS tracking devices do not. For example, all mobile tracking apps record real-time locations through a process known as cell tower triangulation. This is where cellular towers are used to calculate position, not GPS satellite tracking. The problem with using a mobile phone tracker with a location app is that they can be very inaccurate, having difficulty locating positions inside 5,000 meters or ½ mile radius.

GPS cell phone tracking software and location apps also fail at providing detailed driving activity reports, and more importantly, can easily be manipulated. How? Your employees can simply turn their cell phones off to stop the GPS tracking software or app from working. 

Can I Track My Employee’s Mobile Phone With GPS?

Yes, you can track an employee’s mobile phone with GPS, by using GPS tracking software or mobile device management software. But be very careful! The reason? Tracking an employee’s mobile phone without their consent is a violation of privacy and is illegal in all states. Unless there is a clear company policy in place that outlines how an employer will track company-owned mobile devices, and you obtain consent from employees before implementing any sort of GPS phone tracker.

Having a clear written agreement with employees regarding the use of company-owned cell phones is a good way to start. That way employees understand that their mobile phone use is being monitored and that they have given their consent for this to happen. However, you must research the laws that regulate the collection and use of employees’ personal data, including location data ahead of time to avoid any privacy law violations. This is why GPS Tracker Shop suggests you contact a licensed attorney in your area before tracking your company vehicles or company mobile phones.