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How Can I Find Someone’s Location Using Google Maps?

The Internet has brought the entire world only a mouse click away to anyone and everyone with a computer. The online superhighway has fueled economies and connected the world, resulting in a greater exchange of information and knowledge. Always looking to take advantage of the lasted and greatest technologies, businesses have utilized the Internet to improve productivity and employee performance through a process known as online GPS tracking. And what online GPS tracking is doing is allowing businesses and consumers to find someone’s location using Google Maps in real time!

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What Is Online GPS Tracking?

Online GPS tracking is the process of locating and tracking vehicles, employees, assets, or any other object or person via the Internet in real-time. Live tracking systems are hard-wired to vehicles, attached as portable devices, or carried as personal monitoring systems where they transmit location-based information that can be viewed by computer with Internet capacities.

Online GPS Tracker For Car

GPS trackers are used by businesses to organize/log mileage driven, assist in dispatching/routing, keep mobile assets safe from theft, monitor employee driving activity, and improve fleet management operations. From the consumer perspective, online GPS tracking can help provide a way to boost automobile, elderly, and teen safety.

Online GPS Tracker Mobile Phone

Many people researching live online GPS tracking often first look to GPS cell phone tracking technologies to provide the solution for their monitoring needs. However, they quickly discover the shortcomings of the very limited services and abilities that cellular tracking offers. For example, all of the free tracking apps and software designed for cellular tracking work through a process known as cell tower triangulation. This is where cellular towers are used to calculate position, NOT GPS satellite technology. The problem with using systems that work off of cellular triangulation is that they are very inaccurate, having difficulty locating positions inside 5,000 meters or ½ mile radius.

GPS cell phone tracking software also has very limited power, does not provide detailed driving activity reports and can easily be manipulated by the target who can simply turn their cell phone off to stop the software or app from working.

Will GPS Cell Phone Tracking Work For My Business?

After extensive testing and evaluation of an assortment of mobile and personal GPS tracking devices, GPS Tracker Shop believes the most reliable and sophisticated vehicle tracking solutions are the ones that utilize real GPS technology. These are the devices that access GPS signals being transmitted from the network of Department of Defense satellites that orbit the Earth, and are accurate within 1-2 meters, making the systems approximately 5000 times more accurate than cell phone tracking software or apps. The live GPS tracking devices also provide extensive reporting features, and the most comprehensive and user-friendly online interface to access real-time driving activity data in an instant!

Online GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Online GPS tracking works by placing a real-time monitoring device onto a person, vehicle, or asset. The online GPS tracker receives an assortment of location-based information from the GPS satellites that circulate the globe such as speed traveled, time en route/departed, addresses arrive/departed, and more, storing the data on to the system’s internal memory. This stored information is then instantly relayed over a wireless network where the user can view the data in real-time with their mobile phone or computer. This form of technology is ideal for businesses wanting to safeguard company vehicles, parents concerned a teenage driver might be speeding, or anyone worried about the personal safety of a loved one.

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