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GPS Tracking Suspended In Orange County

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GPS trackers have been used in the form of bracelets or anklets by law enforcement and the courts for years to monitor criminals or those on bail awaiting trial. The technology was supposed to revolutionize the way authorities kept track of those involved or allegedly involved in crimes. By providing real-time tracking data the GPS bracelets could be used to make certain child predators stayed away from elementary schools, domestic violence offenders stayed at least one mile away from their victims and any person under satellite surveillance was not engaging in unlawful activities. As accurate and helpful as GPS tracking was it still had one draw back and that was that it relied on humans to review the real-time data. Unfortunately, this is where a serious problem occurred when a Orange County man under GPS surveillance removed his bracelet and the next day killed a woman he was supposed to stay away from, resulting in the suspension of GPS tracking in the Florida county.

GPS Trackers Are Only A Tool

The tragedy that occurred in Orange County Florida highlights the glaring problem with technology and that is human error. Clearly, any properly functioning GPS tracker bracelet removed or tampered with would have triggered an SMS or email alert because that is what the devices are programmed to do. However, once the GPS tracker transmits the information to the contacts populated upon the hardware the liability then falls upon the individual(s) receiving those alerts to follow up and make appropriate judgement calls. The moment the GPS tracker bracelet signaled a tamper warning police should have been called to investigate the situation, while the victim he was supposed to stay away from be informed that the man removed his GPS tracking device. Steps should have been taken to both find the man who removed the GPS tracker as well as inform the now victim of the situation as the events were unfolding.

Orange County Judicial Knee Jerk

GPS tracking offenders is a practical, efficient and cost-effective method to monitor criminals, and the suspension of GPS personal surveillance programs by Orange County is simply a knee-jerk reaction. The technology has been providing the locational details and real-time tracking data that it was designed to do. The failure was in the persons or team responsible of overseeing the GPS tracking data. Those are the parties who are culpable and who should have received suspension.

GPS Trackers Being Removed At Alarming Rate

According to a recent article featured on Google News, in the state of California those under GPS surveillance have been removing their tracker bracelets at such an alarming rate that legislators are looking to make it a felony for any individual who does so. What is even more upsetting is that many of the offenders had been removing their GPS tracker bracelets or anklets without any punishment because the cash-strapped state simply couldn’t allocate resources to investigate the large number of incidents. Local lawmakers are hoping that by making the penalty a felony offense that criminals will think twice before ever considering unauthorized removal of GPS personal tracking surveillance equipment. Do you think that Orange County made the correct decision in suspending their GPS monitoring program? Should all states using GPS trackers to monitor criminals make removal of equipment by offenders a felony offense?

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