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Why wouldn’t parents want to have live access to the location of the buses transporting their kids to school? Well that might just become a reality if the school board in Palm Beach County approves a measure that would outfit approximately 550 of the roughly 800 buses in the district fleet with real-time GPS tracking devices.

If approved, the real-time GPS trackers equipped to the school buses will document the speed traveled throughout each day, locations the bus stopped, when bus lights flashed, when the stop sign a was raised and more. However, one feature that will certainly make parents smile is that all of this GPS vehicle tracking data will be accessible online to administrators and fleet managers. That means the school district could decide to give parents control panel viewing access to know exactly where their child’s school bus location is at during any given moment.

Along with the many features designed to improve child passenger safety, the GPS tracker devices would also be able to document vehicle idling time. This vehicle idling monitoring solution is critical in determining if a bus driver is excessively wasting fuel, and could help the school district save large sums of cash through enhanced fuel management.

The proposed plan would cost local taxpayers roughly half a million dollars for the GPS tracking hardware along with service for real-time data plans. The suggested GPS plan for Palm Beach County school buses is expected to be voted on later today. News Source: Channel 5 News

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