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Penalties For Removing GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers: California Is Getting Serious

When most people think about the efficiency of the government they think about the DMV, United States Postal Service or one of the many other departments or programs that have struggled to maintain a significantly positive image among the public. Unfortunately, inefficiency becomes a very serious concern when it involves the public safety, and that has been the case in regards to GPS tracking of sex offenders and other parole violators in the state of California. The California prison system, like many other jail systems across the United States, faced a overcrowding problem that forced many lawmakers to make small concessions to reduce prison populations. One of the new approaches legislators implemented roughly two years ago was to transition those violating their parole into county jails rather then state penitentiaries, along with additional programs to use GPS tracker systems to monitor criminals that had to be released back into public due to prison over crowding.This new approach to prison management has been effective but also created other problems such as when parolees under GPS monitoring surveillance remove GPS tracking bracelets. The issue of parolees and other criminals under surveillance via GPS tracking systems became such a large issue in California that a state Senator, Ted Lieu, drafted a law that made it mandatory parole boards place any individual that removes a GPS tracking bracelet or anklet to serve six (6) months in state prison. However, after an in-depth look at the law a modification was made to send violators who intentionally removed GPS trackers to county jail to help alleviate prison over crowding concerns. This new version of the law was finalized this past week, receiving unanimous approval by the California state Senate. Should all states make it mandatory that those under GPS tracking surveillance that remove their personal tracking systems be placed in county or state prisons? Are you surprised that a significant penalty wasn’t already in place for those wearing GPS tracking bracelets or anklets who remove their tracking systems?

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