Personal GPS Tracking Device

What Is A Personal GPS Tracker?

Personal GPS tracking devices are small, portable monitoring systems that can be used for a number of different purposes from tracking a vehicle or elderly safety. Personal GPS trackers utilize satellite technology to determine position, location, speed, other information that can be helpful in locating automobiles, assets, and people. Data recorded onto a personal GPS tracker is either stored upon internal memory where the user can download it at a later time, or broadcasted over cellular networks where GPS information can be viewed in real time. The top 5 reasons people invest in personal GPS tracking devices are for:

  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • Real-Time Asset Monitoring
  • Track A Kid With Special Needs
  • Senior Citizen Automotive Management
  • Teen Driving Safety

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Personal GPS Tracker For Car

GPS For Business Vehicles

Personal GPS tracking devices for cars provide the solution to assist businesses in enhancing driver efficiency, automotive security, mileage documentation, fuel management, and fleet tracking activity. GPS devices that require no monthly service fees or real-time GPS trackers that offer unlimited web-based monitoring can help companies reduce overhead, improve employee driving activity, accurately document mileage, and provide a wealth of other information that can boost the bottom line of any business. This is the reason why food truck companies, service-based businesses, and various industries choose to employ personal GPS trackers. The location-based technology has proven itself in the business world to provide the best fleet management software and digital tools to safeguard mobile assets!

Personal Tracking Device For Elderly

Personal GPS tracker solutions can assist businesses with enhancing efficiency, but the same satellite technology is also improving elderly safety. In fact, personal GPS trackers are now one of the top-selling senior safety devices on the market. The reason is that a personal GPS tracking device for seniors can record everywhere aging senior drives, but also provide a pocket-sized GPS tracker for seniors with panic button feature. The versatility of the technology is great in that sense because if an elderly person is showing signs of memory loss a real time GPS tracker can be equipped to their vehicle to determine if they are getting lost. At the same time, if an elderly person has already stopped driving but still enjoys walking, a personal GPS tracker can act as a senior safety medical alert. Concerned family members can use their cell phones or computers to see where a walking elderly person is located, and the senior also has the ability to activate a panic button if they are in distress. The panic button feature on the personal GPS tracker will instantly send out an email and SMS message to multiple contacts letting them know that the senior is in trouble.

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Top 5 Personal GPS Tracker FAQs

  1. Is There A Personal GPS Tracking Device No Monthly Fee? GPS data loggers are personal GPS trackers that do not have any subscription fees. However, no monthly fee GPS trackers can not provide live updates or alerts.
  2. How Can I Track My Elderly GPS? The best way to track a senior who is still driving is to place a GPS tracking device inside or outside of their vehicle. If the elderly person is no longer driving they can be tracked using a senior GPS tracking watch, or portable personal GPS tracker with a panic button feature.
  3. Where Would You Hide A GPS tracker On A Car? Many of the personal GPS trackers for cars are developed with surface magnets that allow you to hide the GPS tracking device on the outside of a vehicle covertly. Other great places to hide a GPS tracker on a car include inside the vehicle’s glovebox, underneath a seat, behind the seats inside a pouch, or speaker cabinet.
  4. Does GPS Require Cell Service? Real time GPS tracking devices require a monthly subscription for sending data over cell towers. This is not an added-on cost to your current cell service provider. The reason is that personal GPS trackers operate as their own independent monitoring solutions that utilize enhanced services features of cell towers. The monthly data plan cost for real time GPS tracking is between $15-$30 a month. However, GPS data loggers do not require the use of cell towers and therefore are no monthly fee GPS trackers.
  5. How Long Does A Personal GPS Tracker Battery Last? Personal GPS trackers that provide real time updates have shorter battery life, providing around 30 hours of consecutive movement recording. When a personal GPS tracker is not moving it will retain battery power by going into a hibernation mode that is activated via motion sensor.

Personal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

For most personal GPS tracker applications the device needs to be a real time device because of the importance of live alerts. However, for those concerned a teen driver might be speeding, senior motorists could be getting lost or other GPS vehicle tracking applications, personal GPS tracker no monthly fee are providing the solution. This is because when the personal tracker with no monthly fees is on a vehicle it will record how fast the automobile went, addresses the vehicle arrived or departed, mileage, and more! The user simply needs to remove the personal GPS tracker from the vehicle, download data, and determine complete driving activity!

Personal GPS Tracker Reviews

With a comprehensive line of tracking devices that call upon the latest in web management interfaces and GPS hardware, GPS Tracker Shop provides the platform for users to always stay connected to their personal GPS tracking data whether it be via computer, tablet or mobile device. Businesses or families seeking tracking systems that offer detailed driving reports, real-time locational updates, instant speed alerts, and the most reliable GPS tracking features can trust our vehicle tracking experts to assist with any commercial or consumer-related GPS tracking questions! GPS Tracker Shop believes that personal safety and security of assets is important to every individual and business. This is why the global distributor of fleet tracking equipment offers a line of personal GPS tracking solutions designed to improve automotive driving safety, and asset monitoring devices engineered specifically to safeguard equipment. That includes:

  1. The best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee such as the Driving Activity Reporter, a portable GPS data logger that can record historical driving activity.
  2. Personal GPS tracker for elderly in the form of pocket-sized, real time personal tracking device for elderly monitoring that features a panic button.
  3. Personal GPS tracker for the car that can enhance driver safety and auto-theft security.

Best Personal GPS Tracker 2019

Numerous factors are taken into account when determining the best personal GPS tracker. These factors include battery-life, portability, user-friendliness, hardware cost, live tracking update frequency, consumer reviews, and overall performance of the personal GPS tracking device. The one device that set itself apart from the competition when measuring all these data points was the iTrail Solo, a micro personal GPS tracking unit that can meet the needs of everyone from families seeking a senior safety device to businesses seeking to manage company vehicles.

Personal GPS Tracker With Panic ButtonTop 5 Personal GPS Tracker Features Of iTrail Solo 4G

  1. Personal GPS Tracker Long Battery Life: The iTrail Solo is a 4G personal GPS tracker that transmits data using the Verizon network and provides two weeks’ worth of battery life at one hour/day. However, the micro GPS tracker also features an auto-sleep mode and on/off switch!
  2. GPS Alerts: The ability to alert a family if a senior wanders off, an employee drives too fast, or if a vehicle is moved without authorization are all tremendous advantages. What makes iTrail Solo unique is that it offers text message or email alerts if a vehicle departs from a location, arrives at a location, the battery life is low, or if the user simply presses the panic button feature.
  3. Smallest GPS Tracking Device: One of the best features of iTrail Solo is the portable size that makes it easy to keep the personal GPS tracker in a pocket, backup, or in an inconspicuous location inside a car.
  4. Free GPS Tracking Software Online: User-friendly personal GPS tracker online software that is backed by free technical support makes it easy for anyone to use the iTrail Solo. With a few simple clicks, users can access the PC/MAC compatible web-based software to view historical playback, detailed text reports on driving activity, and more comprehensive information regarding activity. Other features include navigation and LiveShare feature.
  5. Panic Button Alert: No feature is more instrumental in promoting senior safety than the panic button with GPS that is included with the iTrail Solo 4G personal GPS tracker.