GPS Trackers: Solutions For The Modern Business & Family

GPS Tracker Shop believes that personal safety and security of assets is important to every individual and business. This is why the global distributor of fleet tracking equipment offers a line of personal GPS tracking solutions designed to improve automotive driving safety, and asset monitoring devices engineered specifically to safeguard equipment.

  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • Real-Time Asset Monitoring
  • Track A Kid With Special Needs
  • Senior Citizen Automotive Management

GPS Tracker Shop provides the monitoring solutions to assist businesses in enhancing driver efficiency, automotive security, mileage documentation, fuel management and fleet tracking activity. With reliable GPS trackers that require no monthly service fees and real-time GPS trackers that offer unlimited web-based monitoring, GPS Tracker Shop has the devices to help companies reduce overhead, families improve teen driving safety, government agencies conduct accurate surveillance or anyone safeguard personal and vehicle assets!

With a comprehensive line of tracking devices that call upon the latest in web management interfaces and GPS hardware, GPS Tracker Shop provides the platform for users to always stay connected to their personal GPS tracking data whether it be via computer, tablet or mobile device. Businesses or families seeking tracking systems that offer detailed driving reports, real-time locational updates, instant speed alerts and the most reliable GPS tracking features can trust our vehicle tracking experts to assist with any commercial or consumer related GPS tracking questions!