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Western Australia Police In Hot Water Over GPS Tracking

Police know firsthand the benefits associated with GPS vehicle tracking technology. Routinely, police investigative officers will call upon real-time car tracking devices to help them with surveillance in cases where a vehicle needs to be monitored. In fact, GPS vehicle tracking devices have provided critical evidence that has led to the arrest of arsonists, drug dealers, and even murderers. Unfortunately, a couple of officers who were also close friends took valuable law enforcement technology and used it for a more malicious reason: to spy on one of the officer’s girlfriends.

The two officers planned a pig-shooting trip (which sounds pretty scumbag like in its own right), but before they left town a GPS vehicle locator was equipped on the car of one of the officer’s girlfriends. The GPS data logger would record information such as where the girlfriend would go, how long she was there, speeds traveled, and more. The car tracker was attached to the woman’s Ford Fiesta via a magnetic mount. Finding the tracking device would have been near impossible as the tracker was underneath the vehicle!

After returning from a trip where the officers likely killed many innocent animals doing nothing more but trying to live life, the GPS tracker was removed from the woman’s Ford Fiesta. All the car tracking data was stored, reviewed and shared amongst the officers. This sharing/emailing of tracking data actually helped The Corruption & Crime Commission in investigating the conduct of the police officers. The investigation led the Commission to one of the officer’s homes where digital reports and GPS files were seized. The officer, who is shockingly still working actively for the police department, was found guilty of using a GPS tracker unlawfully to track the woman. The other officer is facing trial for his role in the crime and could face prison time, but he’s a cop so nothing will likely happen as we saw what happened with Eric Garner in New York state.

Should the officers still maintain their jobs as community police officers after engaging in such a grotesque privacy rights violation of the woman?

Do you think GPS tracking should even be allowed by police officers? Are people who hunt pigs for no reason actually scumbag losers?

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