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President’s Day GPS Sale

Save Big On GPS Tracker 2-Day Sale!

There is nothing better than a holiday, a time allocated away from work and with family. Although everybody enjoys a free day away from the office, consumers and conscientious shoppers everywhere understand that holidays typical mean sales. GPS Tracker Shop is well aware that deal-seeking consumers hit their computers, smart phones and tablets during popular holidays to find the best deals online, and that is why the global distributor of GPS tracking devices is having a two day, 48-hour sale in celebration of President’s Day!

For all day on Monday, February 20th and Tuesday February 21st, GPS Tracker Shop will be offering $25.00 off on every single GPS vehicle tracker featured on the company e-commerce website! In order to take advantage of the 2-day sale, consumers need to submit an email to sales(AT) stating what GPS vehicle tracker they want and the quantity desired. Once the email request is received by a salesperson, an invoice will be sent either via PayPal or Google Checkout, depending on the preference of the buyer. GPS Tracker Shop will also include free shipping as part of the promotion.

“We always want to find a reason to celebrate and reduce prices on our award-winning GPS tracking devices and with President’s Day coming up we decided why not have a 48-hour sale to show our loyal customer base that we care about saving them money”, stated a representative for GPS Tracker Shop.

Any emails received after 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday the 21st will not qualify for the special promotional offer. For more information on the limited sale please contact GPS Tracker Shop.

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