Prince Albert Seeks GPS For Fleet Management

GPS Trackers Set To Be Discussed By Council

All across the globe, small towns and large metropolitan cities are trying to develop strategies that will assist in the reduction of spending. If those strategies can also somehow invite more efficiencies and productivity that is simply an added bonus. This is what GPS trackers are offering: a way to cut spending while also improving overall fleet management. Improved routing, driver accountability, fuel consumption data and more can all be detailed through the use of a vehicle management plan that calls upon GPS vehicle tracking. It is also the reason a city in Canada called Prince Albert plans on debating the use of GPS tracking and other monitoring technology later this week to observe city employees. One of the things that the City Council will have to address during the May 13th meeting is employee privacy. The important thing that advocates for the GPS tracking plan will have to emphasize is that the trackers are monitoring vehicles not employees. For example, officials routinely receive phone calls from locals stating they see city service vehicles outside the city limits of Prince Albert. The GPS tracking devices would give city fleet managers the ability to document travel activity to see how city vehicles, which are funded through taxpayer dollars, are being used or misused. City Councillor Rick Orr went on record explaining that the city could use the data from vehicle tracking devices to hold city drivers more accountable. This means disciplinary measures for drivers traveling outside of Prince Albert city lines, driving to aggressively or using city vehicles for personal use. However, the GPS tracker devices aren’t about punishing those who are misusing city vehicles. In fact, the goal of the GPS tracking plan is aimed at reducing unnecessary costs associated with fleet management, while increasing the safety of city staff. Orr was clear that the GPS systems are more about monitoring vehicles and improving safety rather than tracking employees. However, not all City Councillors agree with Orr’s position. Read more: Prince Albert Seeks GPS For Fleet Management

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