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ELD Compliant GPS System

ELD Mandate GPS TrackerWith the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate moving across every state by 2020, trucking and fleet operations need to get compliant or get fined. Don’t worry though because GPS Tracker Shop has your fleet needs covered with the V-Series ELD GPS system! Designed as a three-part, self-install bundle that includes a removable, rugged Android tablet, market-unique cradle with embedded telematics capable device, and LED malfunction indicator, the V-Series ELD GPS system has everything to keep any company trucks compliant, organized, and efficient. The V-Series ELD GPS system is easily integrated with Hours of Service applications to provide a turnkey solution that is 100% compliant with FMCSA standards.

ELD GPS Tracker

V-Series ELD: Three-Part Solution

Solution Benefits:

  • Affordable, commercial-grade offering to comply with ELD mandate
  • Easy Self-install
  • The driver can’t turn off cellular (vs. displays w/built-in cellular)
  • Mounted cellular radio means less hassle and cost for replacement tablets
  • Stand-alone malfunction indicator for absent or malfunctioning ELD and additional diagnostic indicator to meet ELD requirements
  • Equipment monitoring and alerts (missing tablet and/or tampering)

Operational Benefits:

  • Fewer connections, fewer points of failure
  • CalAmp support of ECU protocol challenges
  • Jbus and OBD cable portfolio (multiple connector options)
  • CalAmp support of system data connectivity: engine, GPS, tablet, Bluetooth, cellular (UDP & TCP)
  • Enterprise-grade security (IPSec, WPA-2)—protect sensitive data against external threats
  • Ruggedized industrial design for harsh in-cab environment

ELD GPS TrackerCertified ELD List

Only a select number of tracking systems are currently among those on the certified ELD list. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains an exclusive list of ELD products that are self-certified — their names were submitted by these companies with a statement that the tracker meets or exceeds the minimum operational requirements specified by the FMCSA. The V-Series ELD GPS system is one of those fleet management solutions.


ELD GPS Tracker

ELD Mandate Frequently Asked Questions

Those looking to gather more information about the ELD mandate such answers to questions like the following:

  • What are the main requirements for ELD solutions?
  • Can drivers use portable ELDs?
  • What will happen if upon inspection a driver is not using an ELD?

Should visit the FMCSA website for additional information. FAQs regarding ELD compliance can be found here:

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