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GPS Tracking Bracelet

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Non-Removable GPS Tracker For Probation Officers!

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Parole Electronic Monitoring

GPS Tracking Bracelet Features

  • Geographical Fencing
  • Strong waterproof Micro USB for charging
  • Real-Time GPS Locations
  • Two-Way Voice Speaker Phone Communication
  • Fall/Shock Alert Notification
  • Lock & Key Security Band
  • Ruggedized Case Material
  • ABS + PC composition with corrosion resistance
  • LCD Display to show Time, Date, Cell, GPS Signal, Battery Level
  • Charges the device using portable battery pack for full mobility
  • No stigma – Second chance
    *Unlike other personal GPS trackers (ankle bracelets) attached the locking promote integration back to society


house arrest GPS trackerGPS Tracker For House Arrest

Real Time GPS Tracker: GPS Tracking Bracelet is a real-time monitoring device engineered to enhance both family safety and personal security. Perfect for wandering senior citizens or someone on house arrest, this real time GPS tracker is fashioned as a lightweight wristwatch that provides both historical and real-time locational information regarding the whereabouts of anyone wearing the GPS device! Those on probation or house arrest can be monitored 24/7 with this rugged security device known as GPS Tracking Bracelet.

Please note that a outside monitoring service provider is no longer offered. Customers are responsible for monitoring their own personal GPS tracking data.

Technology Used By Probation Officers

Data from the GPS Tracking Bracelet is viewed through an online platform known as LocationNow. Through this web-bases application, virtual boundary and other alerts can be programmed. However, the best part is that the real-time GPS tracker data can easily be viewed from a iPhone, Android or any other smart phone with Internet connection! Personal computers, tablets and other Internet-enabled devices can also remotely access the live tracking data from GPS Tracking Bracelet! Those using this GPS tracker for house arrest should know that the tracking device has the ability send alerts to upwards of 20 contacts if the parolee or person on probation leaves their home.

Tamperproof GPS Tracker

One of the coolest features of GPS tracking bracelet is that the security product offer users a lock with tamper alert. This full stainless steel security lock and security screw is perfect to keep the real time GPS tracker attached to a parolee or individual on probation. If the person wearing the GPS tracking bracelet tampers with the device by opening the lock it will release a safety switch and trigger tamper alert. The bracelet removal alert will also trigger a real time GPS alert if there is any attempt to remove the personal GPS tracker.

Special security screw driver is provided with purchase.

GPS Tracker For House Arrest

GPS Tracker Tamper Proof Parole

GPS Tracking Bracelet comes with a lock and key mechanism designed to enhance personal safety by making certain seniors suffering with Dementia or children with cognitive challenges cannot remove the personal GPS tracker. GPS Tracking Bracelet is designed to offer tamper warnings that will alert parents or caregivers if the person wearing the device attempts to remove the tracker! Alerts can be sent directly to email inbox or cell phone via text message! Other cool features of this GPS tracker technology used by probation officer includes:

  1. Indoor Pairing With RF Beacon (Indoor GPS Tracking in Concrete Buildings)
  2. Voice Warning For Infractions
  3. Call Button (Speak With Parole Officers Instantly)

*GPS tracker system has the capability to report as fast as every 3 seconds. However, changing the update interval will result in more data consumption, requiring more cost. Adjusting the GPS tracking system to report faster should only be done in emergency situations because it will result in overage charges on the data plan.

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