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Snap Teen GPS Car Tracker

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Teen GPS Tracker For Driving Safety!

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Best GPS For Teen Driving Safety

Snap Teen GPS Car Tracker

teen gps tracking device

  • Discover How Fast Your Teen Is Really Driving Your Car
  • Stop A Wild Teenager From Driving Dangerously
  • Live GPS Tracking With No Subscription Fees
  • Get Text Alerts To iPhone & Android When A Teen Is Speeding
  • Learn The Truth About Everywhere They Are Going
  • Make Your Teen A Better Driver


The Fastest Way To Find Out What Your Teen Is Doing!

Hidden GPS Car Tracker

How GPS Tracking Might Save Your Teen’s Life

Habitual behaviors such as texting don’t go away when your teen gets behind the wheel. But those habits do become potentially life-threatening when a teen focuses more on their cell phone than on the roadways. The science shows that teenagers have a sense of invincibility that causes them to make poor decisions and engage in risky behaviors such as speeding. Snap teen GPS tracker helps parents boost safety by unlocking access to real-time teen driving insights. With instant notifications when a teen driver speeds, accelerates, hits the brakes hard, and more; better decisions can be made. The top-rated teen safety device for 2020, Snap GPS allows parents to know what their teen is really doing while driving!

As the only live GPS tracker on the market with no monthly subscription fees (one-year of service is included), Snap GPS Tracker provides detailed reports about how a teen is driving while also providing the best coverage on the market! Simply connect the Snap GPS Tracker to the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBDii Port) of a teen’s car and see everywhere that vehicle has been or where it is going in real-time from your Android device, iPhone, or computer!

Megan L


November 24, 2020
Daughter Was Lying
My daughter was spending every minute on her iPhone so I was worried when she (finally) got her license. She stopped hanging out with the girls from her old soccer squad and was spending time with a “nice boy”. I found out that “boy” was actually a 27-year-old man thanks to this tracker. She is only SIXTEEN! All I can say is don’t trust your teen daughters!
Tammi G


December 03, 2020
Family Problems
Our son Charles was battling some personal demons that led to Percocet and Vicodin abuse. After an argument this last Thanksgiving, he stormed out of our home for good. My husband quickly placed this tracker in his car so we could know where he was and if he was safe. Not sure where life takes us from here but knowing where Charlie is at does help some….

Do You Know How Fast Your Teen Is Driving?

Hidden GPS Tracker

Find Out Where Your Teen Is Going 24/7

This small and highly accurate (rated best coverage by Car & Driver Magazine) vehicle tracker will instantly send an alert to parents when a teen arrives at school, is driving too fast, using a vehicle without permission, or going to places that are deemed “off-limits”. GPS tracking data is stored on highly secure off-site servers where historical travel activity can be reviewed at any time a parent wants to know where a teen was! Simply enter the user-name and passcode and access both live and historical GPS tracking data from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Discovering what a teen is really up to has never been so easy!

OBD2 tracker no fee

  • Live GPS | No Subscription Fee
  • Battery Power | Unlimited (OBD-II device)
  • GPS Technology | 4G LTE + Satellite
  • Waterproof | No
  • Dimensions | H: 2.50″ W: 1.89″ D: 0.96″
  • SIM Included | One Year Of Service Included

Snap GPS Tracker is also backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and FREE technical support 24/7! Therefore, even people with little or no technical expertise can use the most innovative and precise tracking software on the market! We have a team of people who can answer any questions from the simple to the technical at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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