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Property Management Companies Use GPS Trackers

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Foreclosure Market Sparks GPS Tracking Interest


Nobody is happy with the current state of the national economy. The unemployment rate continues to top over 10% in many states, government spending has reached record highs and millions of Americans continue to struggle making mortgage payments in the aftermath of a massive housing crisis. In many neighborhoods, it is easy to find for sale signs decorating the front lawns of homes. This is sadly the end result of mass foreclosures, an epidemic that has hit every state. With so many properties in foreclosure or abandoned due to a foreclosure, outside management agencies are then hired by banking institutions to oversee the homes. That means these property management firms need to send a driver out to each property on at the bare minimum a weekly basis. With so many drivers working in the field to check on properties, many property management firms concerned with driver efficiency have chosen to use GPS trackers to document travels.

GPS tracking devices are frequently used by companies for fleet management due to the proven track record the systems have in increasing accountability and theft protection. That is the primary reason why so many property management companies have invested in real-time GPS trackers to monitor drivers who check on foreclosed properties.

“It was important for our company to decrease inefficiencies while also making certain our drivers were taking the best routes possible when checking in on properties”, explained Daniel Vazquez, CEO of Platinum Assets. “After purchasing SilverCloud trackers for each one of our company vehicles and connecting the GPS trackers via cigarette lighter adapter, we were able to receive visual evidence of each property the drivers checked up on. In fact, we put up 50″ inch television screens in the office that would broadcast the web-based mapping program, allowing every one in the office to see where the drivers were located at any given time. The GPS vehicle trackers have been extremely powerful tools for our company.”

Property management businesses are just one of a growing list of newcomers to GPS vehicle tracking technologies and so far the investment has been paying significant dividends in employee productivity.

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