Putting A GPS Tracker On A Vehicle

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Where are GPS tracking devices placed on cars

GPS trackers can be used for an assortment of functions from monitoring teen driving activity to orchestration of massive fleet management operations. They are highly sophisticated observation tools that can increase safety, productivity and efficiency. One of the great things about modern GPS vehicle tracking devices is that they offer users an assortment of placement options. People interested in using GPS monitoring technology often have questions regarding where to put a GPS tracker on a vehicle. This article was created to offer potential GPS users the good, bad and unique spots to place a GPS device on a target automobile.

The Good Placement Options

GPS tracking devices are much different than navigation systems when it comes to antenna design. This is because most placement options for navigation units tends to be the front windshield where the user can easily view the GPS data, and the GPS has a clear line of sight to the sky. Although modern GPS car trackers such as the Driving Activity Reporter can be placed in a variety of locations, the front or rear dashboard are probably the two best placement options. Other placement options considered above satisfactory include under the vehicle (depending on the quality of the GPS tracker), inside the glove box of a vehicle, behind a seat in one of the pouch compartments or inside the center console of the automobile.

The Bad Placement Options

Although there are a number of great placement locations inside a vehicle that will provide above satisfactory line of sight and GPS signal acquisition there are also some placement options that would be deemed less than satisfactory and can therefore result in poor reception and inaccurate data. One of the most common questions people investing in GPS tracking hardware ask is if they can place the tracker inside the trunk of the target vehicle. Although some makes and models of vehicles have show to provide satisfactory GPS signal in this location the general rule is to not place the tracker there. When a GPS tracking device is surrounded by metal or concrete it will not be able to grab onto the low level radio signals transmitted from the satellites in the sky and that can not only provide inaccurate data but also drain the battery life of the device. When using any GPS tracker covertly the best thing to do if possible is put it in the hidden location and then test the tracking device to make sure the data is accurate and reads clearly.

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