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Why Real-Time GPS Trackers Have Service Fees

The majority of consumers and companies seeking a GPS tracking solution want a device that offers real-time access to driving activity. They want to be able to go to a website via cellular phone or computer and quickly locate where a driver is at and everywhere that driver has been. Of course, real-time GPS trackers provide this ability, but what surprises most of these people is that in order to have this live monitoring service a monthly service obligation is required.

Why Are There Fees For GPS Tracking?

Real-time GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud system acquire low-level radio frequencies from satellites in constant orbit of the Earth. These satellites operated by the Department of Defense communicate with a component of the real-time GPS tracker known as a GPS receiver to determine speed, altitude, position and a variety of other locational information and data. Basically, all of this positional and locational data is stored to internal memory on the GPS tracker, but in order for the end-user to access it from a computer in a remote location, the GPS data stored upon internal memory must be transmitted to an off-site server. In order to do this, the GPS tracker must communicate with local telematics networks (cellular towers) using a component on the device known as a cellular data module.

As anyone with a cellular phone already probably understands, telematics companies such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T don’t let people use their networks for free. Therefore, in order to transmit data to the off-site server that will allow the user to access positional information on a website in real-time, the data must first be transmitted over cellular towers. The monthly service comes from the transmission of data over those cellular towers. Unfortunately, there are no live tracking solutions with on fees in the same way there are no cell phones without service plans. However, those wanting a monitoring solution that does not have any fees and provides complete historical data can use GPS data loggers.

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