Real-Time Tracking With Smart Phones

Real-Time GPS Trackers Go Mobile

When it comes to GPS tracking technology consumers want the most efficient products possible. This means highly accurate data, fast update rates, multiple driving reports, real-time alerts and of course the ability to remotely monitor vehicle tracking information. Mobile phones are now the method that most people surf the Internet, social network and connect with the people most important in their lives. This is why it should be no surprise that consumers and businesses investing in GPS trackers demand that they have the ability to review real-time GPS tracking data from their smart phones. GPS tracking data can be viewed from a smart phone in two different ways: the first being through the use of an app downloaded upon the cell phone and the other via mobile web version. In order to access this data the user only needs three (3) things:

  • GPS Device Attached To Vehicle
  • Active Data Plan (Tracker Transmitting Position)
  • Internet Connection

With Mobile Phone Once a GPS tracker device is activated and transmitting data on the target automobile the live locational data is housed on remote servers. This eliminates the need for any software. The data is stored securely and can be accessed with the use of a pass-code and username which allows the user to access their personal GPS tracking data from any device connected to the Internet, including tablets, computers and smart phones. Software based GPS tracking for cars is a thing of the past. People want their data instantly and they want to monitor everywhere they are so that means making a platform where data is housed online and accessible through mobile computing technologies such as smart phones and tablet systems. Mobile technology is the wave of the future and that wave is only going to get bigger and bigger, resulting in all real-time GPS devices that call upon software to fade into the history books of technology.

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