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Reducing Fuel Usage

GPS Fuel Monitoring System

The global recession has taken its toll on every form of business and industry still lucky enough to be in operation. However, one of the positives that have come from the economic meltdown has been the internal financial evaluation many businesses have begun doing to cut internal wasteful spending. What these companies found after extensive internal investigation and auditing was the number one place money was being wasted was on fuel expenses.

Although oil prices have declined from record highs nearly three years ago, gasoline priced still continue to be high. With gas prices hovering over $3.00 per gallon in many Western states, fuel economy and fuel consumption reduction is something every business with mobile assets needs to focus on. Although gas prices will always fluctuate and be inconsistent, businesses interested in strategic alternative plans to reduce or eliminate unnecessary fuel usage have been investing in live GPS tracking technology to cut consumption and boost profit.

Car Idling Fuel Consumption

Vehicle management studies have shown that automobiles left idling for extended durations of time can cost companies big bucks annually that can actually dent the bottom line. Excessive idling is comparable to having a very expensive leaky faucet in that over time the problem can result to be very costly. According to the transportation experts at the American Trucking Association, automobiles that are left idling can burn through a gallon of gas every 60 minutes, and vehicles that idle for approximately an hour per day will put nearly 69,000 miles of additional wear-and-tear upon a vehicle’s engine!

Can you afford to put approximately 70,000 additional miles of wear-and-tear every year on each engine in your fleet of vehicles?

Live GPS Tracking

What Is The Real Cost Of Idling

Let’s assume for a moment that gasoline at every service station costs $5.00 per gallon. If we take that number and calculate the costs associated with vehicle maintenance and additional mechanical repairs from one hour of idling per day, we are able to see exactly how much money is being wasted from idling on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The excessive idling chart below shows the financial impact on a company that does not utilize proper fleet management strategies and turns a blind eye on unnecessary/wasteful idling.

How much is excessive idling costing your company?

GPS Tracking Strategies Bring Fuel Consumption Reduction

Having various tools to monitor employee or company performance and productivity is essential to achieving success. This is why so many companies conduct employee interviews, study behavior, and track performance. One of the more recent tools to assist in the evaluation process has been the auto GPS tracker. GPS trackers can help companies evaluate not only the performance of a particular employee but the efficiency of an entire fleet of vehicles, making it easy to calculate the total expenses associated with poor route management and excessive idling. The cost-savings data provided from a GPS tracker can offer businesses:

  • A simple and technological avenue to assist in observation, calculation and the reduction of vehicle idling. Most companies understand the high-cost associated with excessive idling, but many do not know that GPS tracking technology can provide the solution.
  • A tool to investigate and validate the routes traveled by any employee. With misuse and unauthorized company vehicle use being at the forefront of increased fuel consumption, having a way to improve route management and audit driving history is an easy way to cut unnecessary fuel costs.
  • An observation mechanism to learn if employees are speeding excessively. Nearly one-third of all accidents are caused by driver speeding. When company employees are speeding they not only become a liability if an accident occurs, but the excessive speeding behavior also increases fuel consumption.

GPS Trackers Solve Fleet Management Problems

Although there are many factors that can contribute to increased fuel consumption, most analysts and experts agree that the three problems most associated with increased fuel consumption in the business world are idling, speeding and routing. GPS tracking systems address each one of these problems head-on, and provide the vehicle/fleet management solution for any business large or small! By having access to routes traveled, addresses employees arrived/departed, mileage traveled, idling data, real-time locations and more, any business will be able to see internal problems and implement a fuel consumption reduction strategy to cure them.

Reducing Fuel Consumption In Cars

GPS trackers are the solution to eliminating excessive idling, poor route management, unauthorized vehicle use, and unsafe driving habits. There is no simpler way to increase profit and performance than through the use of GPS tracking technology!