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S911 Lola Review

Personal GPS Tracker Earns High Marks

The S911 Lola system is a personal tracking device engineered by the people at Laipac Tech. Known for developing a wide range of GPS monitoring solutions for both vehicle tracking and asset management, Laipac Tech has recently been recognized by many outside parties for their overwhelmingly efficient line of personal GPS trackers. This is essentially what the S911 Lola system is; a personal tracker. However, users of the Lola S911 will quickly find that the tracker toted as the world’s tiniest real-time GPS system with two-way voice communication can offer much more than live GPS data.

The S911 Lola system is basically a monitoring device that transmits live data to offer a user an avenue to see where a person, vehicle or asset are located at any given time. However, what makes the S911 Lola system different from other real-time devices on the market is the overall size of the personal GPS tracker. This is because no other tracking device with two-way voice communication is as small as the S911 Lola system. That makes the personal tracker ideal for parents wanting a GPS for their child, business wanting to observe movements of security guards or other lone workers and anyone with a need for a covert tracking device. The S911 Lola system can even be utilized as a senior GPS monitoring solution for those elderly persons not wanting to wear the GPS tracking bracelet. All the senior citizen has to do is keep the tiny tracker in their pocket or they can wear it around their neck (with the assistance of a chain). The S911 Lola system even comes with a panic button that will send out an alert in any emergency situation, making it the perfect fit for both senior monitoring and child tracking.

UPDATE: GPS Tracker Shop is no longer carrying the Lola System as a newer more efficient GPS tracking solution for personal monitoring is now available. A complete in-depth review on this product will be featured on the GPS blog very soon!

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