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Should I Let My 17 Year Old Go On a Road Trip?

Teen Road Trip Safety

Should Teenagers Travel Alone?

There are a few times in a person’s life that are as exciting as being a senior in high school. The thrill of finishing high school, the acquisition of a driver’s license, and the entire world ahead of them, there is no better feeling than being 17 or 18. One of the rites of passage for many teens it the “road trip“, but for many parents, the thought of letting their teenage son or daughter leave for an extended on a road trip can be a little concerning. The thought, “Should I let me 17-year-old go on a road trip”, is one many parents will have as the school year comes to an end. However, technology is bringing some relief to concerned parents who want to monitor their teens preparing for a road trip in the upcoming year.

How Do You Convince Your Parents To Let You Take a Road Trip?

GPS Tracking Devices For Teen Driving

Trying to convince a parent to let you take a road trip is no easy task, but the odds of having success increase when teens shift the conversation to ways parents can observe teens on road trips. One of the ways this can be accomplished is through real time GPS tracking. Parents in need of a GPS tracker to provide oversight of teen driving activity do not need the same vehicle tracking solutions as those used by businesses for fleet management. They don’t require sophisticated real-time GPS trackers that can unlock doors, send virtual proximity alerts, or provide routing utility features. What parents need is simple, affordable GPS tracking solutions that are easy to use and provide basic information such as where a teen driver is located while on their road trip. That is exactly what the SpaceHawk GPS has to offer, and why it is the car tracker best suited for GPS tracking teenagers on road trips.

“After our 17-year-old son asked about going on a road trip with his friends we became worried that if we didn’t monitor the travel activity that the teens could find themselves in a situation where they need assistance without any help around.”, stated a parent who decided to invest in a car GPS tracker before letting their 17-year-old go on a road trip.

Stories like the one mentioned above are common throughout all regions of the United States and continue to become more prevalent now that more teens are hitting the road for adventure. There are few things in life that will always remain constant, and parents concerned about the welfare and safety of their children are one of those things. When children become young adults then eventually teenagers, parents are filled with anxiety. This is because the freedoms given to teens with age also provide parents with fear. That fear is only escalated when a teenager leaves home for weeks or months on a cross-country road trip. However, real time GPS trackers are helping bring some calm to such a serious issue.

A cross country road trip with friends can be a lifelong memory, and even a solo trip for a teenager can be a fantastic experience. However, even with careful travel planning, factoring in potential safety issues, and making sure cell phones are available for communication, real world dangers are always a possibility. Moms and Dads might view a cross country trip as calculated risks that can help build a wanderlust love of travel, but they also understand traveling abroad or in the United States can have its dangers. Heck, most teens wouldn’t even know where to access laundry facilities in major cities let alone calculate the many potential safety issues with a cross country trip. This is why trips for teens should include GPS tracking.

Should you let your 17-year-old go on a road trip? With the help of a real time GPS tracker the answer is yes. Because as a parent you can always know where your teen is at by simply looking on your phone or computer!