Should We Arm Teachers With Guns

Student Safety Could Be Solved With Guns

Gun. The three letter word certainly evokes an emotional response from many people. But should people be afraid of the word? Should people be afraid of a firearm itself? The answer is absolutely not because the reality is that guns in the hands of good people is not only appropriate but the only way society can elevate safety. This is the reason why so many gun proponents have been voicing their opinion that teachers be equipped with firearms in an effort to boost student safety. How many tragedies must occur before Americans realize that the status quo simply is not effective in preventing or stopping school shootings? Currently, the most common methods of tackling the issue of student safety is through the use of technological tools such as surveillance cameras and GPS tracker devices combined with the presence of a uniformed police officer on campus. However, these steps in the right direction simply don’t go far enough. That’s because technology can’t stop crazy and a single uniformed officer might not be able to respond in time to avert tragedy. This is the reason the most proactive measure to boosting student safety would be to train teachers how to safely utilize firearms in an emergency situation then provide those teachers access to firearms. Think about it for a moment. If every teacher at Columbine or Sandy Hook had a firearm would the damage caused by crazed shooters have been avoided or at least minimized? In the aftermath of these tragedies stories have surfaced about teachers stepping in the line of fire to save student lives so clearly the courageous hearts were beating. Therefore, it is safe to assume that those teachers or administrative staff members who used their bodies to shield students from bullets would have most likely used a firearm to stop a crazed shooter if those teachers had access to the necessary personal protection technology?

Gun Safety Starts With Education

Teachers are such a vital part of the education system. They are responsible for educating our children while the schools themselves are responsible for protecting our children while they are in their care. But how can teaching institutions spend so much effort and resources toward the education responsibility yet provide so little in the portion that can actually result in lives saved? Safety is a major concern and should get the appropriate attention it deserves. This means teachers learning about gun safety, passing written tests to show competence, psychological evaluations and finally enrollment in gun training courses to show mastery of a firearm. These steps should not only be required for all teachers, but educators should also be required to take these steps again on a annual basis. People need to stop being scared of the word “Gun” and instead be scared of the unknown lunatic carrying a firearm with intent to do harm. The only way to protect our students is through a reformation of gun education among teachers and implementation of a strategy that puts firearms in trained hands.

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