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Signs Husband Is Cheating At Work

Red Flags & Signs Husband Is Cheating At Work

Workplace affairs are rampant in most offices – probably because most coworkers spend more time with each other than they do with their partners. If you think your partner is cheating, you may not be wrong –  Bettina Tyrrell reports that 36% of people have had workplace affairs with a coworker! As office hours grow longer due to increased burden of work, more and more spouses are worried about their partner having a sexual or emotional affair. If you are one of those worried individuals, then continue reading this article to find out all the signs your partner is cheating on you with a coworker.

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19 Signs Husband Is Having Workplace Affairs

Paying attention to where your partner is going and who they are meeting with will help you confirm whether or not he’s cheating, and this can help save your marriage. The signs he is cheating include:

1. He works overtime and comes home late. Working overtime is especially suspicious if you know that your husband is earning well and does not need to spend time at his office.

2. He seems happier to stay at the office than at home. Does he seem excited when he is leaving for work in the morning? Is he bummed out or angry when he comes home at night? Signs he is cheating include these kinds of strange mood changes.

3. He gets angry whenever you try to visit him at the office. A cheating husband who is engaging in emotional infidelity will always get touchy about you coming to his workplace and possibly witnessing him next to his lover.

4. He is spending more time on his mobile phone.. Cheaters spend a lot of time on the phone engaging with their new lover.

5. He won’t let you look through his phone. Maybe you’ve noticed him tilting his phone screen away from you whenever he’s texting someone. This is a suspicious sign of an affair.

6. The relationship feels different. He may not go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and happy anymore, and you may feel like emotional intimacy in your relationship has run dry.

7. Your sex life has changed. Affairs are usually all about sex, so its only normal for you to feel like you are suddenly stuck in a sexless marriage.

8. He is having mood changes. Sudden anger outburst are characteristic in cheaters. One of the most famous scandals is that of Australian politician Barnaby Joyce, who was cheating on his wife with his media secretary Vikki Campion. After the news of the emotional affair broke out, Barnaby’s wife reported that her husband would have emotional outbursts and mood changes during the time that he was hiding his affair. This is one of the signs that led her to realize she was being cheated on.

9. He gets defensive when confronted. Being defensive is the natural instinct of a cheating husband. 

10. He accuses you of cheating. This is a defense mechanism that many cheaters use. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they instead act paranoid and accuse you of cheating.

11. He starts pointing out flaws in you. Does he ever seem like he is comparing you to someone else in his head? Cheaters often unconsciously start comparing their partner to their lover. 

12. Your gut tells you he’s cheating. Your gut feeling is an instinct that alerts you of danger even if there is no visible evidence.

13. He doesn’t share work related stuff with you. Any mention of his work makes him touchy, because it reminds him of his secret lover.

14. He dresses up for work. The new excitement of the affair may make him pay more attention to his appearance.

15. You find other women’s belongings in his possession. Things like jewelry or lingerie which don’t belong to you are obvious signs of infidelity.

16. He starts talking about one coworker more than others. This one coworker may be the special someone he is seeing on the side.

17. He takes sudden mysterious business trips. These business trips are where he gets to be intimate with his new lover, so this one is a huge red flag.

18. He never takes you to work related events. Why would he? Work is where his other lover is.

19. You catch him in the act red-handed. Confirming the act by catching him with his lover is the best way to confirm his infidelity.

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What Percentage Of Affairs Happen At Work?

It’s difficult to tell how common workplace affairs are because the percentage varies from one country to the next. Some studies suggest that 65%-85% of people have had a sexual affair or have become emotionally involved with someone show that these situations started at the office. Married couples should stay wary of red flags which could lead to a workplace affair, as this precaution can save your marriage in the long term.

How Long Do Workplace Romances Or Affairs Typically Last?

You might be relieved to hear that most workplace affairs don’t last very long. According to Psychology Today, affairs are commonly just one-night stands, and even the ones that go longterm tend to fizzle out after 6 months or up-to two years. This is because the individuals involved in the affair have no real emotional bonds, so they cannot sustain a stable married life. Since the affair started out with the man cheating on his wife, it is only natural that he will cheat on his new lover as well. Even if he doesn’t cheat on her, she will always be paranoid about him cheating, which brings strain to the relationship.