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Smallest GPS Tracking Device For Cars

hidden gps tracker for car

Best Micro GPS Tracking Device

hidden gps tracker for carTechnology is continuing to evolve at an astonishing pace, and this is the same situation when it comes to GPS car tracking devices. Hidden GPS trackers for cars are smaller and more efficient today than any time in the past, making the vehicle tracking technology high in demand among businesses seeking either a fleet management solution, or a simple way to gain additional oversight of potential problem employees. When a business calls upon micro GPS tracking devices they have the ability to see everywhere automotive assets are operating, which can be super helpful in reducing fuel consumption, boosting customer service, and enhancing automotive security. The smallest GPS tracking device for cars give businesses the ability to access a tremendous amount of useful information, but what is the best micro GPS tracker on the market for businesses to invest in?

Micro GPS Tracker

A micro GPS tracker is tiny real time device or data logger that will record driving activity. Typically used for secret car surveillance, micro GPS trackers are hidden on a target vehicle in covert locations such as under the seat, inside the automobile’s glove box, or even underneath a car! Small is always ideal when it comes to the design of a micro GPS tracker because most applications tend to be secret in nature. Therefore, a micro GPS tracker would not be recommended for a business seeking a more detailed fleet tracking solution. Instead, a GPS tracking device that could be wired to the vehicle or installed to the on board diagnostic port would be the recommended solution.

What Is The Smallest GPS Tracker Available?

Best Hidden Real Time GPS Tracker For Cars

The smallest tracking devices on the market tend to be RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification), but these types os trackers are not the GPS car tracker solutions that can be utilized in the business world. In fact, some of the smallest GPS trackers on the market such as the Micro Hornet (dimensions 10x10x5.8mm and weighing  2.5 grams), also are not relevant because the micro GPS trackers do not provide extended battery life. This is a big deal because small GPS trackers such as the Micro Hornet might offer an integrated antenna, radio frequency shields, and the processing abilities of full-sized GPS tracking chips, but the lack of a sustained power source makes the tracking device essentially useless in a business application.

So what is the smallest GPS tracking device for cars available that can be used for businesses?

The answer comes in the form of a micro real time GPS tracker with waterproof housing and exterior magnet mount called the Live GPS 54. What makes Live GPS 54 such a goof fit as a micro GPS tracker assisting businesses is that the tracker is small, powerful, and able to document an extraordinary amount go vehicle tracking data. Businesses interested in this fleet tracking device can simply place the micro GPS tracker on the outside of the automotive asset, then track the company vehicle using a mobile phone or computer! Not only can the GPS tracker hidden in cars report live locational data, the small size makes it easy to secretly track any vehicle! This is perfect for businesses concerned an employee might be misusing a company vehicle!

Here are the dimensions for the Live GPS 54 (L x W x H) 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.9.