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Snowstorm Blasts Boston Area

Snow Plows Look To Dig Out Boston

People in Boston have had it rough lately. First it started with Tom Brady and the Patriots getting demolished in a upset home loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Ravens, and now the city will try to recover from a vicious storm that battered the Northeast dropping upwards of 3 feet of snow Saturday. The powerful snow storm has left some Boston motorists stranded on highways, over half a million businesses and homes without power and been the cause of at least five fatalities thus far. Although the total damage from the snowstorm has yet to be calculated, Boston city workers will now begin the task of removing hefty amounts of sleet, snow and ice in order to get the city back to normal operations.

Numerous roads and highways all throughout the Boston and New England area were blanketed with high levels of snowfall making them essentially unusable. Some even described the cars that once filled the streets now looking like white blobs completely covered in milky white powder. The streets have now been deserted with only snow plows left with the task of clearing streets. “The cleanup task is going to be arduous in the short-term, but with GPS tracking devices increasing snow plow efficiency, drivers working long hours and first responders helping those in need, Boston will bounce back from this blow by Mother Nature”, explained a news reporter covering the Winter storm. The snowstorm has impacted every corner of Boston as it has caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations at all major airports including Logan International, halted traffic altogether in many regions, turned the Financial District silent and has made traveling difficult for everyone in the New England area. The crisp Boston air is now filled with the noise of snow blowers dusting streets and plows pushing snow from the roadways. In fact, the weather has been so bad in some areas that some snow plows have found themselves stuck and in need of emergency assistance. These crews were thankfully quickly located by the GPS trackers installed to their vehicles that allowed other emergency services to quickly provide assistance. GPS Tracker Shop would like to encourage anyone in the Boston area to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to leave. City workers are moving quickly to clean the streets, but the situation is still very dangerous outside. Therefore, people need to be careful as conditions are still far from ideal throughout New England.

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