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Even teenagers who get good grades at school, hold a part-time job or appear to take responsibility very seriously can be bad drivers. Driving is something that the Department of Motor Vehicles goes to great length of stating is a privilege not a right, but many teens do not take driving as serious as they should. The facts show that teen drivers are clearly categorized as “high risk” motorists due to lack of experience behind the wheel, tendencies to engage in risk behaviors and other factors. The stats aren’t meant to cause alarm but to show the reality that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of premature death among teens. This is something that is unacceptable and the reason why GPS tracker device engineers have made vehicle tracking hardware easy enough to use so that parents can better manage teen driving activity. The feature most used to promote teen driving safety and reduce reckless driving is a feature on real-time GPS tracking systems called the speed alert. Speed alerts are basically a parent’s best friend when it comes to driving oversight because they will alert concerned parents the moment a teen begins to driver over the pre-set safe limit. Here is a breakdown of how a parent would implement a safe teen driving strategy using the speed alert feature on a GPS vehicle locator:

1. Parent Puts GPS Tracker In Vehicle Teen Drives

2. Parent Tells Teen Not To Drive Faster Than 70mph

3. Parent Programs Speed Alert

4. If Teen Exceeds Safe Speed Rate An Email/Text Is Sent To Parent

5. Teen Gets Boot In The Bum For Driving Like A Fool

Knowing that a teenager is speeding is critical information that could very well be life-changing data. With concrete evidence showing a teen is indeed speeding, parents can make the appropriate intervention and added consequences. Parents can restrict driving privileges and explain the serious danger of driving at excessive rates of speed. Hopefully, this parental intervention can shape healthier driving patterns and behaviors before they become ingrained in the teen psyche. This is important as many studies show that driving behaviors developed when a person is a teenager can last a lifetime.

Speed alert features on GPS vehicle trackers are one of the best tools a parent can use to find out exactly what a teen driver is doing when operating an automobile. Not only is the information helpful, but it can literally save a life. That is what is most important: saving lives through technology.

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