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Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Sprinkler & Irrigation GPS Tracking System

Sprinkler & Irrigation GPS Tracker For Car

Lawn & Sprinkler Services Call On GPS Tracking

Sprinkler and irrigation companies are often seasonal businesses that have work peak in the Spring and Summer months. As the season’s change and demand for landscape work skyrockets, many sprinkler & irrigation companies are left scrambling to efficiently service both existing and new clients. This can be especially problematic if a sprinkler and irrigation business has employees in the field who might not be hitting all their service areas. Employee management is important, and even more so for small businesses who might have a high turn over. This is the reason why sprinkler and irrigation operations are investing in GPS tracking devices as a way to be certain all clients are being serviced.

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hidden GPS tracker

GPS Tracker For Sprinkler and Landscape

So how exactly can GPS tracking help a sprinkler and landscape service business? The answer is simple: GPS tracking devices allow a sprinkler and irrigation company to know where their service vehicles are located at all times. More importantly, the exact addresses each service vehicle was at and the length of time it was at each location! This can be very helpful in a situation where a client might say that they did not receive any landscaping services or if an employee thinks he might have missed a job.  The best part is the vehicle tracking data can instantly be reviewed from a cellphone or computer as a service car is in the field, or the sprinkler & irrigation business can review the GPS tracking information at a later time. Therefore, if they ever have a concern an employee is not where they were supposed to be they can select the date and time the worker was in the field and observe that tracking data!

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One of the most frequently asked questions sprinkler, irrigation, and landscape companies ask is if they want to deactivate a real time GPS tracker during the months where business operations are slowed is that an option? The answer is yes! All real time GPS tracking devices have service plans that are month-to-month! That means when Winter rolls around and lawncare services begin to decline a sprinkler and irrigation company can deactivate their car GPS trackers at no additional costs. When business picks up again, simply reactivate the vehicle tracker to begin finding out where every service vehicle is located!