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Best Spy Stores In Vancouver, BC

If you are located in Vancouver BC and suspect your spouse of cheating it is very likely that you researched the different types of surveillance equipment available. However, before you invest in any spy equipment to conduct your own private investigation, it is important to know the best places in South and North Vancouver to purchase security equipment. Here is our list of the best spy shops near Vancouver that offer everything from spy cameras to GPS tracker devices!

#1 Online Spy Shop Near Vancouver- GPS Tracker Shop

An online retailer that specializes in GPS tracking devices, GPS Tracker Shop offers real time mini GPS systems that will work in both Canada and the United States! The company can help anyone looking for a spy shop in Vancouver by offering discreet shipping to any address in Canada as well as free technical support for the life of every product. That way you can keep your identity 100% confidential but still get the help you need. 

Live GPS Tracker


  • GPS Tracker Provides 138 Hours Of Tracking (4-5 Months)
  • Secretly Track Any Vehicle From Your Mobile Phone
  • Catch A Cheater In Real Time

Everlast is one of the top-rated security products for catching a cheating partner. Simply attach the vehicle GPS tracking device under your spouse’s automobile and discover everywhere they are going 24/7. There is no easier way to find out the truth

GPS Tracking

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The Spy Store

The top retail spy shop in Vancouver, the Spy Store has all the top spy gear for consumers and businesses. If you need a hidden camera, digital voice recorder, counter surveillance equipment, phone recorder, or any video surveillance the Spy Store has you covered. 

Location: 1815 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J3, Canada


Spy Security Cameras Inc (Spy Inc. Store)

Spy Inc Store is another great place for those who need a nanny camera, bug detector, or night vision wireless camera. The company specializes in IP cameras and other digital video recording solutions, but also offers other spy gear to meet anyone’s security needs. 

Location: 1105 Lawson Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2E4, Canada


We also recommend the Yellow Pages or Yelp for anyone looking for car cameras, GPS trackers, and nanny cam devices in their local area. 

Spy Shop Near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Pinhole cameras, audio recorders, GPS loggers, and other security equipment should not be used to violate the rights of others. Before you invest in any spy product we would encourage you to reach out to an attorney in North Vancouver, BC for consultation and any applicable laws pertaining to the use of covert spy gear