Stalking With GPS Tracking Devices

How To Locate A GPS Tracking Device

Businesses are using GPS tracking devices. Government agencies and law enforcement groups are using GPS tracking devices. Consumers are using GPS tracking devices. Basically, GPS monitoring technology is making it’s mark on the world every day for a diverse number of applications from personal safety to surveillance. Although the great majority of people using GPS vehicle tracking devices do so in a positive and law-abiding fashion, some people use the personal trackers for more sinister purposes such as stalking. With so many people fearing they could be victim of digital stalking and surveillance, the fleet tracker experts at GPS Tracker Shop felt it necessary provide information about locating a GPS tracker if a person suspects they might be a target.

Stalking Is Not Okay

Stalking is a topic that is very serious in nature, and therefore any person who believes they may be a victim of stalking should seek help from their local law enforcement agency immediately! With that being said, there are some steps people can take for themselves that can help identify if a GPS tracker is being used to monitor vehicle activity. First of all, it is vital to understand that GPS trackers do not work or operate all in the same way. For example, some GPS vehicle trackers are hard-wired, whereas others are used as portable devices. Some GPS systems are data loggers, while others offer real-time access to driver activity. If a person suspects that a GPS tracker could be hard-wired to their automobile then the first place they should check is the OBD II port, a popular location for tracking devices to be installed to a car. If nothing is connected to this diagnostic port then it could mean the person who hid the tracker could have had the device installed professionally, that means the GPS tracker could be inside the dash, under the steering column or somewhere not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the person suspecting they are being tracked should have a professional auto mechanic or installer look inside these locations. Although some stalkers could hard-wire a GPS device to a car the reality is most people who invest in GPS tracking units purchase data loggers because they are more easily hidden. Therefore, a stalker could place a GPS tracker in any number of covert locations such as under the car, inside the side pouch of a door, hidden under papers in the glove box or beneath a seat (To view additional placement options please view the image associated with this article outlining placement locations). Those who believe a GPS tracker could be on their vehicle and that they are being stalked should contact local law enforcement immediately. Stalking is a criminal offense and although this article is meant to provide people with information about where a GPS vehicle tracking device could be hidden, the best thing a person can do is contact the police to deal with any potential stalking issues.

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