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Indiana Wants Teen Driving Fatalities Reduced

Security and safety of the young is at the forefront of every state, but when it comes specifically to teen driving safety the state of Indiana knows quite well more needs to be done. This is because Indiana owns the dubious distinction of leading the USA in teen driving deaths in the first portion of 2012. Unfortunately, the trend continues to rise based upon information provided by the Governors Highway Safety Association and that has many families in Indiana worried about teen safe driving. A number of factors are used to determine what makes for the safest teen driving state. These factors include deaths per year, accidents where alcohol or other illegal substances played a role, overall road conditions, texting and other distracted driving behaviors and more. When looking at all of these factors, independent research concludes that the state of Indiana is simply failing across the board. This is the reason Indiana ranks near the bottom with roughly 150 deaths annually among teenage drivers. Law enforcement officials in Indiana can’t say it enough but when it comes to teen drivers the number one issue is distracted driving that can manifest from using cell phones, iPods or any number of gadgets instead of focusing on the roads. The reality is that when a teenage driver or any motorist isn’t paying attention to the constantly changing conditions on the road that they greatly increase the likelihood of getting involved in a automobile accident. This is why safe driving experts and highway authorities recommend parents work closely with teen drivers by having them take courses that teach proper driving techniques. This could involve practicing driving in tough elemental conditions such as rain or snow because when the weather is worse accidents tend to rise.

Alternative Safe Teen Driving Options

Sadly, telling a teen not to use a cell phone while driving or making them take a safe driving class won’t necessarily result in that teen driver making the right choices. This is the reason many parents have instead turned to GPS trackers. One popular form of GPS tracking device used among parents is one that plugs into the OBDII port near the steering wheel of a teen’s vehicle. The GPS tracker then transmits real-time GPS tracking data to a secure website where parents can go to see where their teen is at any time they want. The GPS tracker also provides information about how fast a teen driver is speeding and more. Parents can even set speed alerts to be notified the instant their teen driver exceeds a programmed safe driving maximum speed. No state wants to see young people die for any reason, but it’s especially saddening when those reasons could be prevented. Indiana is simply one of many states that need to look at both in school teaching programs and alternative solutions such as GPS tracking devices to help reduce the statistics associated with teen driving deaths because right now roughly 150 per year is simply 150 too many.

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