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Stopping A Vehicle Tracking Device

Car Thieves Using GPS Jammers

According to annual crime statistics, car theft has been on a steady decline over the past decade. These declines have been attributed to a number of different factors including advancements in vehicle alarm systems and increased consumer use of GPS trackers for auto-theft security. Whenever technological advancements can play a role in the reduction of crime it is a positive, but sadly criminals will always try and find new ways to break the law. This is the reason why many car thieves are now using GPS jamming devices to counteract the use of GPS tracking devices by consumers and businesses looking to safeguard their automotive assets.

GPS jamming devices are systems designed to interfere with the reception and transmission of GPS signals from either tracking or navigation units. What jamming devices do is essentially place a digital bubble around a automobile. This digital bubble can extend approximately 500 meters, jamming any GPS tracker or navigation system sending or receiving GPS signals. Some of these jamming devices can even block mobile phone communication (GSM) that may be used to send or receive locational information. Jamming devices essentially stop any GPS tracker designed for auto-theft security from being able to function properly and that is why so many car thieves are using the systems. “GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete or metal that is why when vehicles go into underground parking structures they will fall off the digital mapping programs used to observe data from real-time GPS trackers”, a fleet tracking expert for GPS Tracker Shop explained. “This type of phenomenon is what occurs when a car their uses a GPS jamming device, the automobile simply vanishes from the digital mapping program.” Using GPS jamming equipment is illegal in most places, but purchasing such equipment is still totally legal. Making the situation worse is that accessing such equipment has gotten easier and easier for criminals as the online market is now saturated with GPS jamming devices manufactured overseas in places such as China and Russia. In fact, some Russian engineered GPS car tracking device jammers are said to be so powerful that they have the ability to block GPS signals as far out as 100 kilometers! The use of GPS jammers among car thieves is still very remote, but it does show that their is almost no way to 100% safeguard an automobile from theft. However, law enforcement experts still all agree that vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker have a much higher rate of being recovered safely if stolen and in the quickest time possibe.

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