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Student Field Trip Safety With GPS

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In 2005, approximately half of sixth graders in the United States reported that they owned a cell phone. Today, that statistic still holds, plus an additional one-third that claim they own a smart phone. This should not be surprising to many parents, as the teen tracking industry has expanded exponentially in the past half decade alone. Concerned parents have lauded GPS tracking technology for its ability to monitor the safe location of their children, and the ubiquity of student GPS tracking systems have made it possible for younger generations to experience and innovate with a network that was originally designed as a tool of national security. With the student travel programs of many schools across the nation stuck in the 20th century, a company dedicated to enhancing the quality of education of our nation’s youth is incorporating GPS teen tracking technology to bring field trips up to date.

Founded 45 years ago, WorldStrides is the first organization of its kind to be accredited as a travel study school. Today, a team of more than 400 professionals is dedicated to making a child’s educational experience as interactive and life-changing as possible. In partnering with SCVNGR, a social teen tracking application that allows participants to share pictures and location statuses using cameras and GPS tracking data, WorldStrides has designed an interactive, location-based game that students can play while on field trips. SCVNGR is used by students to answer questions about the historical and educational experiences they encounter on their field trips such as monuments, historical sites, and nature preserves. After snapping a photo, students can have their friends try and guess where they are before revealing the GPS tracking coordinates. Students can also use the teen tracking system to share personally designed maps to the interesting places they have visited and encourage their friends to do the same.

In popular student travel destinations such as Washington D.C., SCVNGR utilizes the navigational capabilities of GPS tracking technology to provide the students with maps and routes that will avoid areas of high traffic or recent criminal activity in attempts to keep the trip as safe as possible. One of the chief designers of SCVNGR noted that in an age where technology has never been more prevalent among our younger demographics, the entire paradigm of experiential learning must also shift to keep students involved and interested. Truth be told, the New 3 E’s of Education (according to the 2011 Project Tomorrow report) are Enabled, Engaged, and Empowered. Educational teen tracking applications that utilize the safety and convenience benefits of GPS tracking devices allow for schools across the country to ensure these principles are brought to classrooms nationwide.

Teenage Travel Without Parents

The way parents observe teens is different today than any other time in the history of human society. This is because technological innovation has made life simpler and easier. However, that boost in technology has not changed the worry a parent feels when a child sleeps at a friend’s house, impulsively runs to a toy aisle at the store or walks to school. That worry over a child’s safety has always been the same for parents, but personal GPS trackers that provide real-time GPS tracking data are helping relive some of that stress.

Real Time GPS Tracker For Teenager On Field Trip

Real-time personal GPS trackers basically allow any parent to locate a teenager through a combination of both GPS satellite and cellular technology. How this works in regards to the application of GPS tracking teenagers is relatively simple. First of all, the parent has the child wear a GPS tracker, which is designed to look and act like an ordinary wristwatch. This GPS tracking watch then acquires locational information from satellites orbiting the Earth and sends that data to computer servers with the assistance of local cellular towers. Although the process sounds pretty high-tech it actually is some within seconds. Once the GPS tracker data is sent to the computer servers it is instantly accessible by the parent. This data accessibility is via a tablet device, smartphone, or any media that has the Internet.

GPS Tracker Watch For Teenager

Having instant access to where a child is located is the basic job description of a real-time GPS tracking watch designed for tracking children. Through this GPS medium parents can quickly identify where their child is located if they ever wander away or become lost. This can be advantageous for parents taking their children to amusement parks, or basically any location unfamiliar to either child or parent. However, the real-time GPS tracker data is also useful for everyday applications whether it be making certain a child arrived home from school or safely walked to a friend or family member’s home. What is even more special is that multiple people can have access to this GPS tracking data. That means mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and the babysitter could all check on where that particular child is at whenever they felt the need.

GPS systems for tracking kids cost roughly $99.00 and do require monthly service obligations for data usage. But the price is low considering the value and peace of mind the real-time GPS trackers provide parents. GPS watches are fully functional watches that utilize locational information to allow parents to determine where their kids are located at any given time. The GPS watches will send the location of the child to a remote server that parents can access at any time using their smartphones, iPads, Kindle Fires, or any device that has an Internet connection.

“I never wanted to be one of those parents who constantly worried about their kids, but after a nasty divorce I felt the need to take additional measures to enhance the safety of my family and that is what led me to invest in a GPS watch”, explained a parent.

Technology provides complications in parenting but it also provides opportunity and that is what is so great about GPS tracker watches for tracking kids. Any tool that can give parents even a small shred of peace of mind or boost family safety is a good thing.

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