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Sync Tracker For Fleet Management

Real-Time GPS Tracker Now Available!

The buzz surrounding the Sync Tracker had been building for months. For over two years, companies have been in contact with GPS Tracker Shop and demanding a cost-effective fleet tracker that could be easily connected to the on-board diagnostic systems computer of any automobile. Businesses required a monitoring solution that had all of the cool features of SilverCloud GPS tracker, but additional features related to the specific activity of vehicle operation, including idle time, aggressive RPM activity and fuel consumption. After thoroughly testing various GPS trackers that could plug into the OBD port of a automobile, GPS Tracker Shop engineers finally found a tracking device that exceeded that stringent guidelines the company has for product inclusion. The Sync Tracker has been discussed in previous blog posts, but now the fleet tracker is finally available for purchase via the GPS Tracker Shop online company store!

Who Would Use Sync Tracker?

Unlike the product line of GPS data loggers deigned to meet the needs of consumer-based GPS monitoring uses such as teenage driver observation, Sync Tracker was built more for commercial applications. Connecting right into the on-board diagnostics computer port of a automobile the Sync Tracker provides much more detailed information than standard real-time GPS trackers. This allows companies to eliminate excessive fuel consumption, improve routing times and increase employee performance and safety. “We are excited about this new GPS tracker that is tailored more toward business fleet tracking applications and really believe that it will help companies all across the country better manage employee activity along with automotive assets”, explained the President of Operations for GPS Tracker Shop. Sync GPS Tracker is currently priced at $209.00 and requires a one-time activation obligation of $29.95 upon purchase. With the purchase of the GPS tracker customers are entitled to a one-year warranty on the hardware as well as lifetime access to a technical support team that is available 24/7 to help answer any GPS tracking questions.

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