GPS Tracker Sales Hit Record Highs After 50 Shades of Grey Movie Debut

Press Release TEMECULA, California, 2/18/15 — The much anticipated 50 Shades Of Grey film may have had women flocking to local movie theaters everywhere but it also had men investing in GPS tracking devices at record numbers, according to information by GPS Tracker Shop. The vehicle management solutions company headquartered in Southern California is proud

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Catching A Cheater With GPS

GPS Trackers Identify Infidelity With busy work schedules, the media constantly advertising sex and online dating sites scratching the temptation impulses it is often difficult for many people in once loving, committed relationships to hold course. Unfortunately, cheating occurs every single day in relationships that at one time seemed unbreakable and sadly that is now

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GPS System For Catching Cheaters

Cheating Spouses Caught With GPS Trackers Technology has made all our lives easier. It has allowed us to conduct work in a office setting, talk with friends while being mobile and of course made it simple to connect and share information. Unfortunately, long office hours, time apart from loved ones and social media addiction have

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