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GPS Tracker Helps Man With Wedding Proposal

There are few things in life that are as beautiful as two souls coming together in marriage. When two people make the choice to spend the rest of their lives together, build a family and make a commitment that can literally be seen across generations it is truly amazing. However, before a couple can stand beneath a altar to say “I do”, select their wedding photographer, decide upon what flavor cake they want or even plan a wedding, first must come the wedding proposal. Wedding proposals can be romantic, serious or funny, but one word not often used to describe a wedding proposal would be technological. However, technological is probably the only way to describe how a Japanese artist by the name of Yasushi Takahashi proposed to his wife. The unique technological wedding proposal not only required a lot of time but also the assistance of a GPS tracking device. When Takahashi came up with his brilliant wedding proposal idea he knew that GPS tracking and satellite locational technology was going to play a critical role in his plan. Takahashi started his journey that would eventually lead him to travel approximately 4,500 miles on foot, bike, boat and vehicle. During this long journey Takahashi carrier alongside him a personal tracking system that would record his every move. The GPS device recorded his path from the island of Hokkaido all the way to a famous spot on Kyushu Island called Hyodo Cliff where the arduous journey would come to an end. After accessing all the GPS tracking system data the words “Marry Me” were spelled out across the mainland of Japan with an arrow going through a heart at the north end of Japan. Takahashi clearly gets style points for his unique wedding proposal that involved the use of GPS personal tracking, but the real question is if this proposal impressed his girlfriend. Let’s just hope that she is a technology guru in the same way that Takahashi is and said yes. Everyone at GPS Tracker Shop would like to send Takahashi are best wishes!

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