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Parents are always looking for the latest and greatest gadgets available to help them improve teen safety. This is because parents know all to well that when their child becomes a teenager they also become an idiot. Okay maybe the word idiot was a little harsh, but irresponsible is certainly appropriate. People in their teens are widely recognized as the age group most associated with poor decision-making and almost all parents understand that. This is why so many proactive parents have turned to technology to help them better gauge how their teen is conducting their life away from home, and one of the most popular technological tools parents have been calling upon is the GPS tracking app.

GPS Tracker Apps: Why Parents Think They Are A Good Idea

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that teenagers are obsessed with their cellular phones and mobile communication devices. Observant parents are aware of the excessive use of cellular phones by teenagers because they either a) see their teen always chatting and texting on their cell during dinner or family time, or b) have seen the frightening bill associated with excessive cellular phone usage. Looking to capitalize on the fact that teens will not relinquish or depart from their cell phones, concerned parents are now purchasing monitoring tools known as GPS tracking apps to inform them whether a teen is speeding or hanging out at places they are not suppose to be. “When most parents contact our GPS teen tracking experts to inquire about the solutions available for teen monitoring, GPS Tracker Shop representatives make certain to inform parents about the many failures and problems associated with teen tracking cellular apps that can be purchased for rather cheap through iTunes”, explained a sales representative for a Southern California GPS tracker distributor who works closely with parents of teenage motorists. “Since these devices use cellular locational information inaccuracies can occur frequently and this is important because the difference between a teen driving 60mph versus 100mph is quite significant.”

Teens understand parents can at times be a little nosy, and even if a teen agrees to download a locational tracking app to their mobile phone that does not mean the teen can’t out smart the app. This is because a teen could easily leave their mobile phone at a friend’s house, claim the battery died or simply turn off the phone if they do not want their parents to know what they are doing. The reality is teens are very smart about covering up their tracks and that is why any parent interested in tracking the driving habits of their teen should really invest in a more dynamic piece of vehicle tracking hardware.

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