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Top 5 Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Trackers Offer Effective Location-Based Solutions

Amid businesses and everyday families no piece of technology has been playing a more increased role than GPS tracking. GPS tracking is now embedded in every smart phone, allowing users to successfully navigate from place-to-place, check in on social networking apps and get the most real-time fitness data possible. Granting all of this, GPS tracking hardware is still a growing market and the reason is because of the numerous benefits one can receive from using a more advanced piece of equipment over a cellular app. Here are the top 5 benefits of GPS tracking.

1. Teen Driving Safety

Parent who have concerns about teen driving safety have every reason to have those fearful thoughts because the stats among teen driving are actually quite scary. This is because stats show the leading cause of premature death among teenagers is automobile related accidents. Although the reason behind these scary stats involves a number of factors that include peer pressure and inexperience behind the wheel, one thing that is certain is that parents can help improve driving safety among teens through the use of GPS car trackers. This is because GPS trackers can provide valuable data such as speeds driven, giving parents concrete data detailing of their teen is operating their car safely or at dangerous rates of speeds. Having access to this driving information can give parents the ammo to intervene and correct bad teen driving habits before they become something worse.

2. Monitoring Senior Citizens

With age can come diseases that significantly impact memory and cognitive abilities such as Alzheimer’s. As debilitating as these illnesses are for the senior they can also can create immense worry for family members concerned about a elderly loved one wandering or getting lost (common symptoms among those who suffer with Alzheimer’s and dementia). However, senior GPS trackers help alleviate some of that worry by giving caregivers and family members the ability to locate a potentially wandering senior instantly through real-time GPS tracking. The location technology even has the ability to alert caregivers if a senior leaves a particular area set as a safe zone.

3. Vehicle Security

The world is full of bad guys willing to commit crimes against good people and that statement is reinforced by the fact every year over a million vehicles are stolen in the United States alone. Car alarm systems, parking structures monitored by security and numerous other measures are helpful in prevention, but law enforcement agencies will all agree that the best way to secure a vehicle is through the use of a real-time GPS tracker device. The reason is because a GPS tracker can send out an alert the very second a automobile is moved without authorization, and the live data can be relayed to police who can then quickly make an arrest and recover the stolen property.

4. Managing Work Vehicles

Taxi services, limousine companies, construction businesses or any other type of business or industry that employs vehicles and drivers can get a boost of efficiency with the use of GPS because of how the devices can promote fleet tracking. This is because online GPS software allows a company to see where every vehicle they have in operation is located, historical data of where those vehicles have been and can even program the GPS tracking devices to alert a fleet manager if a driver is driving at high rates of speeds. The end result is reduced fuel consumption, mileage accounting and more productive employee activity.

5. Share Locational Data

One of the newest features of some real-time GPS tracking devices is something commonly referred to as ShareSpot. What this means is that the live data from a GPS tracker can provide a simple HTML code that can then be copy/pasted into a website or Facebook page where anyone can have real-time access to the live GPS tracking data. This sharing of locational data can help service-based businesses such as food truck companies more easily connect with their customer base.

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