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Across the nation, more and more people are choosing a more environmentally-friendly form of transportation that not only helps them save on fuel costs but also provides positive health benefits. The form of transportation is via bicycle and it has increasingly become popular in locations such as Northern California, Oregon, New York and many other spots across the globe. The statistics show more people are leaving the car keys at home and are opting for the bicycle helmet when it comes to transit, and those numbers do not even factor in recreational bicycle users such as those who enjoy mountain biking. Unfortunately, with the rise in bicycle use has come a rise in bike theft, but technology is now helping reduce those statistics through the use of GPS tracking. The reason? It is because with a GPS tracker for bicycles anyone can track a stolen bicycle.

Real-Time GPS Trackers For Bikes

Recover stolen bicycle

GPS tracking devices are now one of the most common ways cyclists are protecting their bikes from theft and this is done through the use of live GPS. When a cyclist equips a live GPS tracker on their bike they can access the location of that bicycle 24/7 from their mobile phones. However, that is not the most advantageous feature offered by the monitoring technology. This is because real-time GPS trackers can also notify a bike owner the very second their bicycle is moved without authorization. This notification is sent to the bike owner through a text message or email.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking

Can you track a stolen bike?

Bicycle GPS Devices: Additional Benefits

Bicycle trackers can also offer something more than an asset protection solution this is because the technology can record mileage, routes travelled and more. The tracking data can be quite useful for cyclists who want to document rides or simply calculate the mileage they have trekked over a particular time frame. However, the GPS trackers for bikes can also be used for other applications as well such as personal tracking or vehicle tracking since they are portable.

Five Disturbing Facts About Bike Theft

    1. Most bike theft occurs within only a couple miles from home
    2. Roughly half of all city cyclists have been the victim of theft
    3. If vehicle theft was reported as frequently as bicycle theft, cities and government would be forced to make significant changes to laws
    4. Less than 3% of bicycles reported stolen are ever safely recovered
    5. Those who ride their bikes all year long are 90% more likely to be a victim of theft

All of the above data was gathered from a survey based on bicycle riders in Montreal.

What to do if you see someone riding your stolen bike

Knowing what to do if you saw someone riding my stolen bike or if you found a stolen bike is important. The first thing a person should do is immediately contact law enforcement authorities. They are the professionals trained to handle any potentially dangerous situations so call the police, give them all the details regarding your stolen bike, and hope for a quick recovery of the stolen property.

GPS Tracker For Bike Theft

Protecting Bikes With GPS Devices

Bike theft is a serious problem in Cambridge (UK). In 2010, the city was named the UK’s bike theft capital according to a report by the Cambridgeshire County Council. In 2007, it was reported that thieves stole 2,240 bikes in the city, increasing to 2,326 the following year, 2,597 in 2009 and 2,870 in 2010.

As a result of this growing issue, local law enforcement officials devised a series of tactics last year aimed at combatting this rampant problem. City police officers employed new crime-busting tactics including a new city center police team, targeting criminals who sell them and trap bikes fitted with GPS tracking systems to deter and catch the culprits.

This tactic, also known as decoy or tracker bikes, is used when the police leave badly locked, or even unlocked, bicycles in vulnerable locations. The bikes are fitted with hidden GPS trackers, which allows officers to track the thieves, or better still to a lock-up or warehouse used by gangs to store lots of stolen bikes. Since then, bike theft in Cambridge has plummeted 25%. Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed last year the number of stolen bikes dropped to 2,146 in 2011.

Sgt. Mike Barnshaw, of the Cambridge center policing team, said: “This reduction is good news, but we’re not complacent and will continue to tackle those who steal cycles.” He went on to say, “Since my team was introduced we have identified offenders and detected an increased number of thefts through concerted efforts and the use of a range of tactics, including ‘trap bikes’ and targeting those that sell on bikes for cash or exchange them for other goods.” This major crackdown in bike theft and burglary last year led to 20 thieves being locked up for a total of more than 47 years.

Dozens were caught in year-long blitz, Operation Northwood. Cambridgeshire police, working with county and city councils, also launched a ‘Lock It Or Lose It’ campaign to educate bicycle owners about how they could minimize the risk of theft.

GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracker For Bike

This is a great example of how GPS tracking technology can be utilized to minimize the risk of theft. Real-time GPS tracking devices can be attached to personal vehicles to help locate stolen cars or motorcycles.

And not only moving vehicles, but GPS trackers can also be used to protect personal electronic devices as well. For example, a portable GPS tracker, such as the SpaceHawk GPS, can be placed inside a backpack, luggage or even a purse, which will allow the owners the ability to track their personal belongings if they are stolen. The SpaceHawk GPS would be an ideal solution for businessmen and women who are required to travel constantly, and who often carry important business documents on their laptops. This could also be a great idea for college students whenever they have to study in public places, such as coffee shops or libraries.

Bike security is an important issue for many people and with law enforcement providing very little help in the equation the burden has fallen completely on the cyclists themselves to do whatever is necessary to safeguard their personal assets. GPS tracking technology is one of the tools that is helping in that safety process.

Can you put a tracker on your bike?

Today, there are a number of different portable GPS trackers available for bicycles. These trackers that you can put on your bike can be used for everything from preventing bicycle theft, to recording outdoor travel adventures. The bicycle GPS trackers are small, portable, waterproof, and durable to handle the rugged outdoors.

Tracking Bicycle Activity

In the Southern California city of Murrieta, many people choose to get their exercise by riding mountain bikes. With the temperatures being ideal nearly all year long, and various trails located throughout the region, mountain bike cycling is very popular. With so many people now familiar with mapping programs such as Google Earth, mountain bikers everywhere have begun using GPS data loggers to record their biking travel history. And what is considered the best GPS tracking device for bicycles? The answer comes in a portable tracker known as PlayBack GPS.

Riding a mountain bike can be great for relaxation or exercise, and that is why so many people pick-up the outdoor hobby. However, once riders begin to advance and strengthen their biking skills, many choose to invest in the latest gadgets and fitness apps capable of recording their biking adventures. This is why so many mountain bikers have been purchasing bicycle GPS trackers such as the PlayBack GPS. Originally designed for vehicle tracking applications, the PlayBack GPS has become popular among mountain bikers because of the compact size of the device, second-by-second GPS tracking positional updating and relatively cheap cost. The device can easily and comfortably rest in a pocket or magnetically attach to the cyclist’s mountain bike. After the mountain biker returns home from their ride, they simply need to connect the bicycle GPS to a personal computer using a USB cable (USB cable comes with GPS device). Once the bicycle GPS tracker data is downloaded it can then be displayed in a simple to analyze format using Google Earth, giving the mountain biker amazing satellite image and three-dimensional methods of viewing biking adventures.

Cycling and mountain bike riding is certainly an excellent way to stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors or simply relax. No monthly fee GPS tracking is now adding to that experience by providing bike riders an easy way to calculate miles traveled, speed and a variety of other data related to cycling adventures!

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