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Track Smart Cars For Pizza Delivery

GPS Tracking Smart Cars

When it comes to choosing a delivery vehicle, pizza companies routinely opt for something that is both economical and fuel-efficient. This is the reason why many pizza restaurants with delivery service option are investing in smart cars. Designed in both a gas and electric version, smart cars get great gas mileage, are actually quite noticeable on the roads and are a great transportation solution for pizza delivery businesses that routinely work on very small margins. However, efficiency is critical when it comes to any delivery service and this is the reason why companies are tracking smart cars for their pizza delivery through the use of GPS tracking devices.

How To Track A Smart Car With GPS

The process of tracking a smart car with GPS vehicle management technology is quite simple. First of all, the business owner connects a GPS tracker to the on board diagnostic port of the smart car or smart cars that will be used for delivering pizzas. The GPS tracking device will then access power from the smart car and begin observing vehicle activity such as how fast the driver is going, how hard the brakes are being pressed, if the vehicle is being left to idle and of course locational data such as the addresses arrived/departed along with stops being made throughout the day. The pizza owner or manager is given remote access to the vehicle tracking data, accessing this information from either a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer. With the GPS tracking data the pizza owner can determine whether or not proper routes are being utilized, if a employee is driving safely and most importantly how quickly pizzas are getting from the over to the customer.

Domino’s Pizza Goes High-Tech

One Domino’s franchise that quickly saw the opportunity of using GPS auto trackers in their small fleet of delivery service vehicles was Team Murph in Texas. After connecting live GPS trackers on all their smart cars, Team Murph was able to dramatically improve the companies’ fleet management strategy while also providing a new service for the customer: ShareSpot. What this ShareSpot technology provided was the opportunity to share the location of each smart car with Team Murph customers. This meant people who ordered pizza could see exactly where their delivery driver was located and get a more accurate estimated time of arrival for their order! The end result was happier customers, more efficient drivers and an overall better managed operation. And that does not even factor in the auto-theft security the GPS trackers provided! Tracking a smart car with GPS technology is a simple process that can cost as little as $29.95 per month for the data charge. The benefits of utilizing fleet tracking technology are pretty obvious, and it is clear that GPS tracking has been beneficial among pizza delivery companies looking to monitor their smart cars. However, do you think the use of GPS tracking technology is a good thing or bad thing? Would you equip GPS trackers on your vehicle fleet?

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