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Tracking Device For Work Trucks


GPS Data Loggers Bring Work Efficiency

Operating a small business presents a variety of challenges, but those challenges can be disastrous if a manager or owner does not have a solid pulse of the efficiency and activity of his or her employees. This is because the margin of error for a small businesses is razor thin, with it only taking very little to make a company profitable or in the red. Since the primary asset for any company is its staff, making sure employees are maximizing efforts and reducing inefficiencies is critical. In fact, it has become such a concern in this slow moving economy that a number of businesses are calling upon GPS tracker devices to offer supplemental oversight.

Types Of GPS Tracking Devices

GPS trackers come in two different forms: passive and active. Passive trackers are GPS data loggers used to record travel activity in a historical context, allowing the user to know where a driver has been throughout the day but not live in the moment. Active trackers are real-time devices that most people probably think of when they think of GPS tracking for cars. This is because active trackers can be used for auto-theft recovery or basically any application that requires a person to gain access to the location of their automobile(s) or asset(s) instantly. Although the features of real-time tracking devices are more commonly understood, it is GPS data loggers that are providing companies the information needed to improve employee management.

GPS Data Loggers: The Features

  • One second refresh rate for GPS positions
  • Detailed mileage driving log
  • Record of every vehicle stop with corresponding address
  • Driver time en route
  • The maximum speed traveled per daily driving

Real-time tracking devices can provide a company with a number of great tools for oversight but the hardware cost and monthly data plans per device can be financially straining on a small business. However, the great advantage of GPS data loggers is that the passive tracker systems will offer detailed and accurate information at a substantially smaller hardware investment with no monthly fees! Many small service businesses involved in anything from tow truck operation to home plumbing will have workers operating company cars in the field. They are small businesses that cannot afford multiple monthly data plans, but also cannot afford employee inefficiency. GPS data loggers provide the management solution because not only are they affordable but they can also determine everywhere an employee has been, the length of time they were at each location or job site, the speeds the employee was traveling, if the employee was using company vehicles for personal use and much more. Tracking devices for work trucks are helping small businesses stay profitable but giving company managers total oversight of what employees are doing in the field. By boosting route selection, making certain drivers are at the locations they are supposed to be and calculating mileage driven, companies can eliminate the unnecessary inefficiencies that can cause a small business to be unsuccessful.

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