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GPS Tracker Helps Police Arrest ATM Thief

When Daniel Runyan was busy breaking into establishments to rob ATM machines the last thing he was probably thinking about was GPS tracking. Unfortunately for Runyan it was information provided via a GPS vehicle locator that led to the criminal’s downfall and why he will now spend the next four years inside of a jail cell.

In a Middlesex Superior courtroom, Runyan admitted to his 2011 crimes of cracking into approximately thirty MetroWest ATM machines all throughout the state of Massachusetts. The 25-year-old man pleaded guilty after being indicted for 93 separate charges against him and a couple of other accomplices. Authorities said that the men were those responsible for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the ATM machines. The police enforcement investigators also stated numerous surveillance video recordings captured a man operating a drill and wearing a mask while also communicating with an accomplice using a two-way headset microphone. This allowed police to determine rather quickly that it was the same crew involved in the crimes. Throughout Massachusetts, the three men robbed ATM machines in Concord, Ayer, Auburn, Groton, Lawrence and numerous other cities in the state. However, it was the quick-thinking police department officials headquartered in Framingham that were instrumental in the apprehension of the trio. This is because Framingham police were the ones responsible for equipping a GPS tracker system upon the vehicle surveillance video showed being at the scene of one of the ATM robberies.

The locational data gathered from the GPS vehicle tracker provided police the evidence needed to make an arrest. Thomas Coyne and Tim Page were the other men arrested for the ATM robberies and both men will face trial later this year for their involvement in the crimes. Runyan, who has already pleaded guilty to his involvement in the crimes, will call a correction house home until 2017. After his four-year sentence is completed, Runyan will also be placed on probation for an additional five years.