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Are you worried a teen driver is being reckless behind the wheel? Is your gut-feeling tell you that your partner might be cheating? Discover the truth with the latest in vehicle tracking technology with the SapceHawk mini GPS tracker! The first GPS car tracker that allows anyone to find out what is really going on! 

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When most people hear the word “Tuscaloosa” they instantly think of college football. They think about the long tradition and history of Alabama football, and the even more recent success of the program under Nick Saban. And before that, of course, the iconic Bear Bryant. Yes, Tuscaloosa has the nickname of T-town because the city is definitely title-town. Still, the large Alabama city is so much more than the Crimson Tide (regardless of what the locals in Tuscaloosa will tell you). That is because Tuscaloosa has many small businesses that are calling upon technology to help them better improve routing, security, and vehicle management through the use of GPS auto tracking devices.

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The reason why the Crimson Tide have been the powerhouse football team they have been over the decades can be directly related to the efficiency in which the team plays. Alabama football is about being good at the basics and simply doing your job. Unfortunately, this same winning attitude does not always translate into the business world in Tuscaloosa. Many service-based businesses such as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and delivery companies have struggled with employees simply not doing their job. This means employees are taking advantage of company vehicles for personal use, staying too long on job sites, and a long list of other situations where employees are taking advantage of the employer…and many times on company time! This is where GPS trackers are helping these small businesses become more efficient and get back to winning!

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When a business invests in GPS tracker devices they give themselves the ability to locate company vehicles operating in the field 24/7. This allows the company to protect its service automobiles from theft while at the same time giving that business the ability to track employees. This can be especially good if employees are late to jobs, fixing timesheets, sneaking off from work to watch an Alabama football game at the local watering hole, and more. GPS fleet tracking devices provide a solution to make a business more efficient, something that can result in greater profits and more wins!

As the weather gets cooler the Crimson Tide will once again hit the fish-cut grass on the field. That means the people of Tuscaloosa will get into football mode, but getting into football mode does not mean businesses can get out of profitability. Companies need to focus on the basics to stay successful and that means making sure employees are doing the best job they can while working. GPS trackers are a tool to help Tuscaloosa businesses make sure that is happening.

For more information on the city of Tuscaloosa please visit the city’s official website! Roll Tide!