Best Personal GPS Tracker 2020

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Personal GPS Tracker That Can Fit In A Bag, Purse, Pocket Or Car Glove Box.

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Best Personal GPS Tracker 2020

Track A Car Or Asset With Real-Time GPS


  • Online Access To Personal GPS Data
  • 4G LTE
  • Ultra Small Size
  • Monthly Data Plans With No Contracts
  • Create Saze Zones For Kids
  • Vehicle High-Speed Alerts
  • Access Lifetime Travel History
  • Real-Time GPS Updates

Best Personal GPS Tracker

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Smallest GPS Tracking Device

Live GPS Tracking: The Personal GPS Tracker 2020 is the best personal GPS tracker designed specifically for helping parents keep track of their kids, but powerful enough to also assist with any car tracking application. What makes this GPS tracking device unique is the ultra-small design of the tracker, making it easy for students of any age to carry, keep in a pocket or tuck in a backpack. Although Personal GPS Tracker 2020 devices were designed for child safety they can also provide detailed driving records, making the device perfect for parents interested in monitoring a newly licensed teen driver!

Place this top-rated personal tracking device for car in the glove box, under a seat, or hidden inside of an automobile to track everywhere it goes. Or use this personal GPS tracker for child by placing it in their pocket, backpack or other spot to monitor where your kids go 24/7. What makes this versatile tracking device so advantageous is it can literally be used for many different live GPS tracking applications!

Real-Time GPSPersonal GPS Tracker 2020 were engineered with teen safety in mind. That is why the GPS tracker can provide real-time alerts if a teen motorist is driving too fast as well as provide all the historical data of where a teen has been. This includes addresses a teen driver arrived at and the time they departed from those locations! This GPS tracking data can be viewed in real-time or later through the historical playback feature that provides user lifetime access to their vehicle tracking data.

Designed with the most sophisticated online software to create accurate GPS tracking history while providing a user-friendly experience, Personal GPS Tracker 2020 gives users the ability to access their data 24/7 from the device of their choice! Smart phones, desktop computers, tablets and other mobile communication devices that have Internet connectivity can all be used to view real-time GPS tracking data! What’s even more impressive about this GPS tracker is that multiple people in different locations can all view the tracking data at the same time! All they need are the login credentials!

GPS Tracking Monthly Data Plan Options

Real Time GPS Data Plans

Location Rate Pricing
3-sec $49.95
5-sec $44.95
10-sec $39.95
30-sec $34.95
1-min $24.95


Best Personal GPS Tracker 2020 comes in at 2.70 inches in length, 1.50 inches in width and 0.93 inches in height, making it one of the smallest GPS tracking devices on the market! Roughly the size of a box of tic-tacs, Personal GPS Tracker 2020 can easily be concealed in a child’s backpack, in a pocket or covertly placed inside a vehicle. So whether you are a parent who wants to make sure your kids are getting home safely from school, a parent concerned about the driving activity of a teenager or business looking to monitor employees on the move, Personal GPS Tracker 2020 is certainly the device of choice for you!

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  • Best Personal GPS Tracker LandAirSea 2020
  • Activation Instructions + QuickStart Guide

Made in AmericaPersonal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

For those seeking a personal GPS tracker no service plan then check out this hidden GPS tracker for car in the video below! Whatever your budget is our GPS tracking experts can assist in helping you find the car tracking or personal tracking device for you!

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