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Live OBDii Port GPS Tracker With 6 Or 9 Pin Connection

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  • 6 Or 9 Pin Connection For Commercial Vehicles
  • High Speed Warning Alerts
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking For Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • NO Installation Required
  • Live Updates As Fast As 12x Per Minute
  • Automotive Security Solution
  • Vehicle Idling Data
  • Multiple Detailed Reporting Options

Live GPS Tracking: Sync Overdrive is the latest engineering marvel created to assist businesses with heavy duty vehicles or commercial automobiles get accurate real-time GPS tracking information regarding the driving activity of their fleets. This user-friendly GPS tracker plugs right into the on board diagnostic port (OBDii) of a heavy duty vehicle which allows the device to pull power directly from the truck or service vehicle. That means users do not have to worry about battery life! GPS tracking data can then be viewed remotely in real-time from any device connected to the Internet such as a computer, cell phone or tablet.

Auto Theft Security: Sync Overdrive can instantly boost the automobile security of any fleet of vehicles. This is because the GPS tracker can send live alerts if any heavy duty vehicles are moved without authorization or moved off company grounds. These real-time alerts can be sent by test message to multiple people as well as by email. All the user has to do is program a safe zone using the online software and when one of the commercial vehicles equipped with Sync Overdrive leave the perimeter of the safe zone notification is sent instantly to all contacts! Protecting company assets has never been so easy with this GPS vehicle tracking solution.

GPS Software: Sync Overdrive utilizes the most sophisticated online GPS tracking software to provide highly detailed reporting options that many GPS review sites say are the best available on the market! This includes reports that break down mileage by state, start/stop data, high speed alerts, vehicle idling information and more. All business GPS tracking data is stored on secure servers that will allow users lifetime access to their GPS vehicle tracking data. Stored data can be reviewed easily using a historical playback feature via the online GPS tracking software.

GPS For Business: Worried employees may be misuing company equipment? Maybe workers are not filling out time sheets accurately or are using company heavy duty vehicles for side work? No need to worry becasue Sync Overdrive has your business covered! Access real-time locational data of company vehicles, oversee historical driving routes and be alerted the very moment your mobile assets are moved!

Real-Time GPS Tracking Data Plans:

Refresh Rate 1-Minute 10-Second 5-Second 3-Second
GPS Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Investment $29.95 $39.95 $49.95 $59.95

One (1) Minute Refresh Rate GPS Plan: Unlimited Updates $29.95 Per Month

Ten (5) Second Refresh Rate GPS Plan: Unlimited Updates $39.95 Per Month

Five (5) Second Refresh Rate GPS Plan: Unlimited Updates $49.95 Per Month

Three (3) Second Refresh Rate GPS Plan: Unlimited Updates $59.95 Per Month

*Programming the GPS tracker to operate off domestic telematics and wireless networks requires a one-time activation obligation of $29.95. This activation obligation is only paid once the GPS tracker arrives and is ready to begin vehicle monitoring.

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