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GPS Chips For Livestock

One of the biggest headaches for ranchers or anyone that oversees livestock is when those animals go missing. There can be a number of reasons why cows, sheep or even horses wander off, but for ranchers or those whose job it is to protect those animals the task can be quite the headache at times. In fact, one of the most popular phone calls our GPS tracking experts receive is from people in rural areas seeking a device that will allow for tracking farm animals with GPS technology. So is there a tracker available that will provide this assistance? Some form of ear tag or implant that allows a farmer to track animals and livestock in real-time? The answer is: kind of.

Real-Time GPS Tracking On The Farm

One of the most popular requests of farmers trying to boost management of livestock is for a ear tag or some sort of implant that will allow them to go online and track the location of those animals 24/7. This real-time location data would help the farmer determine if livestock such as cattle are wandering off property or if theft is occurring. Although that form of technology sounds fantastic in theory, the reality is such devices are simply not available. The primary reason is because of battery life. A tracker that transmits real-time information requires a substantial battery and batteries are also not small (another issue for tracking livestock).

Live GPS tracking is available and already used for numerous fleet management and personal surveillance applications, but the fact battery life is limited and devices are still somewhat large makes the tracking system not quite ready to make its debut in the livestock market”, explained a sales rep for GPS Tracker Shop. “We think eventually the battery technology will be there but as of today the solutions on the market are not quite ready for mass tracking farm animals”.

What Farmers Do Until Technology Catches Up

Ear tags and GPS chip implants are science fiction at this stage but that does not mean farmers have nothing available to help them track farm animals or livestock. Real-time GPS trackers are available and can be used in smaller duration of time (40 hours), and fastened to the animals through the use of creative means. This might not seem like the ideal solution but it can help farmers track animals in urgent matters or in moments they feel there is a higher potential for livestock to get lost.

GPS tracking is a valuable tool that is making the lives of businesses, government agencies and even regular people easier. In time the satellite-based location technology will even better assist the American rancher do a better job.


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