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Tracking Signs With GPS

GPS Tracking Signs – Anti Theft GPS Devices For Political And Realtor Signs

Signs are all around us. Realtor signs are used to promote open houses, political signs assist in election campaigns to bring awareness to a candidate, and business advertisement signs let customers know about sales. There is no doubt that signs can be helpful for business and marketing, but one of the drawbacks of signs is that they are also frequently targeted by thieves. Competing businesses, opposing candidates, or simply punk teenagers can all be potential suspects when it comes to sign theft. If you are sick and tired of your political or realtor signs being stolen now is the time to act with real time GPS tracking!

Best GPS Tracker For Signs

SpaceHawk Hidden GPS Tracker For Signs

Best GPS Tracker For Car

  • Monthly Data Plans For Seasonal Work
  • Completely Waterproof Personal GPS Tracker
  • Geofence Alerts Let You Know When Sign Is Moved
  • Mini GPS Tracker Nearly Undetectable (2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches)
  • GPS Track Signs From iPhone, Web Browser, Android

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SpaceHawk is a real time GPS tracker designed to catch sign thieves red-handed. Simply attach the hidden GPS tracker to any political, real estate, or advertisement sign, and get alerted the very instant the sign is moved! Then track the sign thief down using the free mobile app that provides live GPS updates as fast as every 3 seconds! If you are tired of your signs being stolen then fight back with the ultimate mini GPS tracker used by politicians and real estate agents everywhere! 

How To Keep Yard Signs From Being Stolen

Live asset tracking is often referred to as the use of a hidden GPS tracker to monitor something of value such as a vehicle, piece of equipment, or another type of valuable good. The GPS tracker is connected to this asset and will then send out live locational data that a person can view remotely from a computer or mobile phone. This transmitted GPS tracking data allows the person to monitor their asset 24/7 and be notified if that asset is moved without authorization. Through the use of live GPS asset tracking technology, a person or company can increase safety and more securely watch over their vehicles, machinery, employees, or any other assets.

Securing Your Signs: Protection Against Theft

A missing sign is more than just an inconvenience – it can cost you money, visibility, and trust. To guard your signs, such as road signs, caution signs, notice signs, or customized signs, think beyond traditional security measures. Instead, turn to innovative solutions that offer more control and real-time updates. Consider the following tips to enhance your sign security:

  • Embrace Technology. Invest in tracking systems. A GPS-equipped sign offers real-time location tracking, alerting you immediately if your sign is moved. Stickers with GPS tracking or a QR code add an additional layer of security and tracking.
  • Visible Warnings. A visible GPS tracking warning can deter potential thieves. An adhesive sticker or decal with a tracking warning is a simple yet effective deterrent.
  • Sturdy Materials. Consider signs made from sturdy, hard-to-damage materials like aluminum. They are harder to steal and damage, ensuring your message stays visible.
  • Secure Attachments. Use strong adhesives to fasten your signs. Self-adhesive signs with front adhesive or 4pc back adhesive stickers can resist attempts to remove them.
  • Vehicle Security. If you use car signs or vehicle stickers, ensure your vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking system. You can use an antitheft car vehicle sticker, a dash cam, or even a window sticker with a tracking warning.

These measures help in protecting your assets and maintaining workplace safety, regardless of whether you’re securing park signs, traffic signs, or fire safety signs. Stay informed with industry news and seller information to be aware of the latest protective measures. Remember, a secure sign equals a secure business

How To Track Signs With GPS – Stop Realtor Signs & Political Signs From Theft

So what is the best way to track a stolen sign? The preferred approach to sign tracking is with a mini GPS tracker known as the SpaceHawk. Outshining security alternatives like video surveillance or adhesive stickers, this portable GPS provides instant alerts for missing signs. Simply attach the small GPS tracker to any sign, such as a realtor, political, or safety sign you aim to protect. Then, if the sign is moved get a text message to alert you of the stolen theft.

Weather conditions like rain or snow don’t pose a challenge to the tracking device. Why? Because the tracker is waterproof. But even if you want to add additional water protection, a simple plastic zip-lock bag can shield your GPS device from the elements. Once you’ve equipped your sign with this tracker, remote monitoring becomes easy. Use your smartphone, iPad, or computer to keep an eye on your sign.

The GPS tracker’s geographical fencing feature allows you to create a secure perimeter around your sign. You’ll receive an immediate notification if any sign, be it a realtor or political one, is stolen.

For instance, a realtor in Munster, Indiana experienced sign theft: “Our custom-made signs were disappearing in the late evening, costing us money and reducing our visibility. We opted to invest in a real-time GPS tracking device, discovering that our competitor was the culprit.”

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