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Tracking Signs With GPS

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GPS Tracking Signs

Signs are all around us. Realtors use signs to promote open houses, politicians use signs to assist in election campaigns and businesses call upon signs for advertisement purposes. There is no doubt that signs can be helpful for business and marketing, but one of the drawbacks of signs is that they are also frequently targeted by thieves. Competing businesses, opposing candidates or simply punk teenagers can all be potential suspects when it comes to sign theft. However, those utilizing realtor signs or political signs are now taking steps to safeguard those signs with the assistance of real time GPS tracker technology.

What Is Live GPS Asset Tracking?

Live asset tracking is often referred to as the use of a GPS tracker to monitor something of value such as a vehicle, piece of equipment or other type of valuable good. The GPS tracker is connected to this asset and will then send out live locational data that a person can view remotely from a computer or mobile phone. This transmitted GPS tracking data allows the person to monitor their asset 24/7 and be notified if that asset is moved without authorization. Through the use of live GPS asset tracking technology a person or company can increase safety and more securely watch over their vehicles, machinery, employees or any other assets.

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How To Track Signs With GPS

GPS Tracking Realtor Signs & Political Signs

The most popular method of tracking signs is with a device called the SilverCloud Tag. How the application works is the small real-time GPS tracker is taped or fastened to the sign in some secure fashion. If the sign is in a region where snow, rain or other rough elemental conditions are present then something as crude and simple as a plastic zip lock bag can be used to protect the GPS device. Once the GPS tracker is equipped to the sign the owner of the sign can remotely monitor it from their smart phone, iPad or computer. The user can have call upon a geographical fencing feature to create a safe zone around the sign and be notified the very moment the sign is moved or stolen.

“Our business used signs for marketing purposes near our storefront to let motorists in transit know that our company was here and open for business”, stated spokesperson for a real estate company in Munster, Indiana. “In the late evening these custom made signs were disappearing which both cost us money and reduced our marketing exposure. That was when we opted to invest in a real-time GPS tracking device and catch the thief stealing our signs, which we later learned was a competitor in the same business industry.”

Protecting assets and safeguarding valuables is essential with numerous different businesses regardless of the industries they are in. GPS tracking is a tool that can help those businesses monitor various forms of assets, even things as simple as signs designed for marketing and self-promotion.

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