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The brains at Apple have built a reputation on pushing innovation when it comes to computing technology. The ingenious products developed over the past three decades by the Cupertino company have changed every aspect on how people create, account and connect. It’s really nothing short of amazing how Apple has done so much to make people’s lives easier. But this article isn’t about high-fives and ass-pats for Steve Jobs. What this article is about is using an iPhone 6 to track a vehicle. I know, I know the iPhone 6 hasn’t even been released yet, but when iPhone 6 does make it’s debut it will likely have all the same features as it’s mobile predecessors along with many new features. That means the mobile phone will have more than enough components necessary to track a car. So let’s first look at how a person tracks a car and the connection with GPS tracking. This is basically done with four steps:

Step One: GPS Tracker Is Placed Upon A Car

Step 2: GPS Tracker Records Location Of Car

Step 3: User Accesses GPS Tracker Data Using Mobile Phone

Step 4: Car Data Can Be Reviewed

Although each step is important in the process of tracking a vehicle, let’s focus on the third step. See when a GPS tracker records locational data of a car such as speed driven, route selection and more that data is then sent to off-site computer servers. These servers house the GPS car tracking data and work hand-in-hand with digital software to offer a user-friendly an easily accessible way for users to digest the meticulous data. All this happens literally within a second! But the important thing is that once GPS tracking data is on those computer servers they are then available for access via remote connection. That means iPhone 6 users will be able to instantly access that GPS data and track that car.

Car Tracking With iPhone 6

Once a real-time GPS tracker is equipped on a car, anyone with an iPhone 6 can access the GPS data and track that car (iPhone 6 MUST have Internet connection). Basically, the iPhone 6 user will access the online platform either using an app or just by going to the GPS website. All that the user needs to do is input their credentials (user name & pass code) created when the GPS tracker was activated and boom! Live real-time GPS data viewable from your iPhone 6! Not only is the real-time data accessible but so too is the historical driving data! Tracking a car is easy with an iPhone 6 or any mobile device with Internet capabilities for that matter.  All it requires is a real-time GPS tracker, smart phone, Internet and suspicious mind.

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